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Home Stay Families wanted

Posted by Linda 
Home Stay Families wanted
November 09, 2004 11:35PM
We're having two Koreans for 6-8wks who arrive on 28th Nov. The man organising it, says he is looking for more people able to homestay these kids - they're aged 10 - 13yrs, so wants NZ families to have two.

They will attending a Language School in Takapuna and the co-ordinator is arranging a mini van or similar to collect and drop off the kids from your house, Mon - Fri, even during the Xmas holidays. You need to live on the Shore, provide them 3meals a day, and a bed, then just entertain them during the weekends. For this you'll be paid $360 per week. Our spare bed is actually a queen sized, but I was told thats fine, the kids are friends and they'll share.

I know the timing isn't the best with Xmas etc, but if you're interested, or know of anybody who may be, email be at and I'll give you John's phone number to contact.

We've had a few homestays now, and on the whole its a very rewarding experience, and the kids love having somebody to make a fuss of them.

Re: Home Stay Families wanted
November 10, 2004 06:46AM
Just had to say, that we have had 2 homestay students and it was really rewarding!!

Re: Home Stay Families wanted
November 10, 2004 11:54PM
We have been having Homestays since 1990 and we just love our girls. Haven't had one bad experience. Several have stayed 2-3yrs. [It's always hard to say Goodbye! ] We have also had years of 4-6 week stayers and it's so lovely to see them so appreciative and happy.
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