She keeps getting a scab!
November 10, 2004 11:35AM
Sorry that this is somewhat distasteful but I'm hoping someone might have an answer.

Everytime my daughter gets a cold she develops this revolting sore and scab around her right nostril. This has happened ever since she was around 2 but now she is 11 she gets very embarrassed and of course gets the horrible comments.

I have been to the doctors about it and one said that it was a type of golden staf. It is always confined to the same area and no one else in the family gets this. This girl also gets tinea and as well is the only one in the family even though the other two kids use the same shower and stand on the same bath mat so its obviously something in her makeup.

Does anyone have any ideas please?

Kind regards
Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 10, 2004 11:52AM
Colloidal silver both topically and internally, or a manuka honey based ointment.

Both have anti-bacterial properties.
Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 10, 2004 07:16PM
Carmex Ointment - its for coldsores, blisters and chapped lips. It works best if you start applying it as soon as the blister starts appearing.

I bought one of those 'Barbara Kendall' lip things from the chemist - they are about 2cm x 1.5cm and you can attach it to your watch or anything with a strap (I attach it to me cell phone as it has a strap). Whatever ointment your daughter uses this is an easy way of carrying it around with her all the time as they are very compact - I think the secret is to apply the ointment as often as possible.
Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 10, 2004 08:48PM
ditto the colloidial silver - worked a miracle for Daisy's conjunctivitis and, some thrush problems in the family - not a chemical or doctor in sight - truly a miracle substance!! you can get in in a soothing gel as well - worth a try - despite it's name it's not really expensive either.
Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 10, 2004 09:11PM
Colloidal silver for me too. The liquid form applied to sores etc is quite magical - it dries them up as opposed to greasy ointments which I feel 'feeds' them.

The cream makes a wonderful daily moisturiser under make-up.

But shop around - I used to get mine from Pneuma Health which advertises widely on the radio. Then I went into my local Lifesense health shop and found the 500ml bottle of the liquid at about $15 cheaper than where I originally bought it - no pp either!!

I also take it internally - haven't had a cold for 2 years - it works on improving the immune system which could be a boost to the young lady who has the persistent cold sore - and, as someone else mentioned I think, it cleared a low-key but annoying eye infection.

I am by no means a health 'nut' but this stuff really is something else smiling smiley

Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 10, 2004 09:29PM
I used to get a cold sore on my lip but found that if I applied Nylex cold sore cream the moment I felt the tell-tale tingle, and before the sore appeared, it would't stand a chance. I don't know if that cold sore cream is still available, but Zovirax would do the same. Cold sores are a virus that remains in the system for many years, although not always active.

Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 10, 2004 09:49PM
Helpful link:

Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 10, 2004 09:54PM
Then it would pay to read this warning about colloidal silver (I guess it's the old adage, for every positive there's a negative):

Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 11, 2004 02:37AM
Hi, first tingle often comes while out so if you carry a small bottle of perfume dab some of this on and this will start the drying up process until you can get to the coloidal silver which I find excellent for such things. Then go to the healtheries shop and see if they have some advice. kay
Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 12, 2004 05:26AM
Thank you for all your responses. Everyone seems to think it is a cold sore although when I asked the doctor about it he didn't seem to think so although its abviously viral. She has been putting coldsore cream on it and the sore is drying out and scabbing over. One side of her nose is twice the size and she refuses to go to school (I dont blame her).

Re the Colloidal Silver. I had never heard of this before but many of you seem to swear by it. Thank you Jennifer for the links you posted on this product. I'll certainly have to look more into this.

Kind regards, Lesnic
Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 12, 2004 05:45AM
Hi ya,

My daughter had something similar to this for years, every time she got sick or scrachted (sp?) that spot.
she had an accident flling down brick steps at 18 months, and she is now 8 and we may have got it for good.
As when it was bad, she didnt go to kindy, or school for fear of infection.

Dr said it is a infection in the system where the layers of skin have been damaged and will always look bad, and tender when sick - on the nose,
because she is carrying it within her system. only very close contact on an already broken skin area will catch it though.

it would spread till over the entire nose area, and coldsore creams only helped so much, we also had to put it up the nose as it will hide inside the nose as well and cause reinfection everytime a finger or something goes up there.

so she has a nose with very tender thin looking pinkish skin on the top bridge of her nose, where as a littlely she used to rub and pick when it was bad. she also is a thumbsucker so hands and fingers always about face.
we ended up getting a serious antibiotic from our dr, (he also is skin specialist - dermatitus etc)

and that seems to have fixed it, but it as i said has left scared, tender skin, so it worries me for sunburn. cant remember what it was called, but its an internal bug she is carrying, and when the body is low or getting sick, it was the first sign of illness in our case.
it is not a cold sore, its similar to a strep infection i beleive the dr said, i would look into this further, both Dr and chemist or skin specialist.

i had tried, all sorts and natural stuff, but this strong ointment may have done it, hopefully cross fingers.

best of luck.

lets us know how you get on.

and if i find out the name ill post it on here.

Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 30, 2004 03:06AM
i also get this, and I was told it's a form of coldsore. I also get it when i'm run down and stressed, or feeling a cold. it's horrible, but i find just using an antibiotic cream works the best (coldsore ones dont really) and letting it run its course. wish there was a cure!!
Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 30, 2004 03:26AM
Thanks Beetle and KT. One day a cure might be found. I know with myself if I get the slightest tingle on my lip its out with the coldsore cream and nothing comes up. If I ignore this tingle a coldsore will appear. My daughter tells me she never feels a tingle but it will always appear when she gets a cold. Why we never got it in time in the past is because as you know constant blowing the nose can make it a bit red raw and that is what I put the redness down to.

After all the responses I decided to treat it like a coldsore and after telling the doctor that the antibiotic cream wasn't working he said to use Zovirax. (this is the man who didn't feel it was a coldsore in the first place). Next time she gets a cold I'll just start applying zorvirax regardless. If that doesnt work I'll try the colloidial silver that seems to be a big hit with some of the responses. This time she has a bit of redness that hasnt dissappeared like it usually does. I must admit it was particulary bad this time. Hopefully this will fade. Kind regards
Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 30, 2004 04:29AM
Lesnic, I had to visit a skin specialist yesterday & I had a cold sore (not my reason for the visit) but he told me of a pill you take the moment you feel the tingle. You take it 5 times a day, not an esy task for a child but I have another friend who says it is wonderful & really works but so does Zovirax but again the mement you feel the tingle otherwise you are wasting your time & money as it is an extremely expensive item. I suggest you use it on her lips as soon as she has a cold just in case. Regards & all the best hope something works.
Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 30, 2004 12:39PM
Thanks Lyn, but she never gets one on her lips which is probably why I never thought it was a cold sore. Its always in the same place at the start of her right nostril. This time it was particularly bad as it kept spreading not only around the nostril but up the outside of her nose also. I thought she was getting one of those flesh eating diseases you hear about in Africa.

The antibiotic cream wasn't stopping it and it wasn't until I started using coldsore cream that it stopped spreading and eventually went away. I dont know if it was the cream or the sore had run its course. I had her off school all week as not only was her cold quite bad she refused to show her face in public. Regards, Lesnic
Re: She keeps getting a scab!
November 30, 2004 10:38PM
Your poor daughter Lesnic - I do feel so terribly for her - and at such a difficult age anyway. Thanks goodness she's got you being so supportive and trying so hard to make things better for her.

I got my first coldsore the day after my wedding - not that I was stressed - it was one of the most bestest days of my life.

Now - nearly 24yrs later - I still get one in exactly the same place on my lip. You feel like it's the only thing people see when they look at you.

Everyone is right with the getting in at first tingle tho. I carry Zovirax with me in my handbag everywhere I go. One tip - as you use up the tube - roll it up so there's no air in it. Otherwise if you go to use it several months later it has all evaporated. At the price of it - you don't want that.

I am sure you know it is highly contagious - so she needs to be educated in that repsect.

Good luck with the ongoing treatment and support.
Re: She keeps getting a scab!
December 01, 2004 10:49PM
Hi lesnic, I know this is just repeating what we have already said but you probably need to treat this from the inside as well as outside. You can take the coloidal silver internally and also dab it on the sore.
I get excema and find this is the only way to control it.
When you go to the Healtheries shop they usually have someone who is qualified to give you sound adviceahd help.
Good luck Kay
Re: She keeps getting a scab!
December 02, 2004 07:49AM
Kay I looked at the links provided by Jennifer further up the thread and was a little fearful of the lady who's skin turned grey. Now I know that this would be extremely rare and there are obviously many on this site who use this product internally and externally without obvious problems. If the zovirax fails to work next time she gets a cold I will certainly look into it more.

The thing is knowing this kids luck if anyone's skin would turn grey it would be hers. Have any of you guys heard of this happening before?
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