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Fibromyalgia, Hypothalamus, Osteo-Arthritis

Posted by Mnemosyne 
Anyone one problems with these three beauties? I have them all and would like to hear from others who have found relief. Osteo and Fibro not so bad at this time of the year, though the fribro has caused cognitive dysfunctiion so if anything doesn't make sense that's the reason though I do go over and over things before sending.
BUT the main area of interst I have is with the hypothalamus problem. The Hypo....., amongst other things, acts as a thermostat, and because mine is not functioning correction if I am in the sun for more than a few mins, drink a hot drink, eat hot food, take warm clothes from drier or simply get hot..... I overheat like nothing on earth. I have fans going in every room of the house. Have a fan on my face all night, summer and winter. I get very little sleep because of it. If you've been through menopause and had the sweats, multiply them by 100 and imagine it all over your body. Anyone have any ideas. There was a cause..... I had a bad fall but it can be brought on by many things.
A Dr I once saw in Napier told me that when they are in medical school they are told they may come across one patient with this problem in their lifetime of practising but this Dr had 4 patients who suffered with it and all from different causes - some physical like mine - others psychological.
Any comments would be much appreciated.
For Fibro, Arthritis and many, many, other complaints, a magnetic under lay for the bed is just wonderful. Works on the circulation. I would barely be walking without mine. Plenty of info on the net.
Good luck in your quest.
Can't help with the Hypo. But I know what it's like to be shut in a hot oven during meno!
Hi Lynne
Yes, the underlay certainly sounds like a good idea. I do look on the net for info but only found this site this morning and thought I'd try it. I only went online to check my bank balance and 1 hour 17 minutes later I can't get away.
We are not a bad bunch so i hope you come back:}
kind regards
Didn't take long did it.... :-))))Lisa Templeton wrote:
What happened there???
Mnemosyne - go to [] and you will find all possible info on the Biomag underlay.

I have had mine for over 6 years - I have severe attacks of rheumatoid arthritis - and I would not be without it!!

You are given a 60 day trial and if it doesn't work for you it can be returned and a full refund given. Anyway - everything will be there on the website - does NOT claim to be a cure - just a reliever of pain and I can vouch for that.

Please feel free to drop me an email if you want any queries answered.

Hi Mnemosyne, Have you tried Glucosamine, Condroitin. This seems to be a winner for your condition. I also have a magnetic underlay. Which I wouldn't be without.
Hi Carolyn
Yes tried both of those. The only things I haven't tried are the very expensive medications similar to the one which has just been taken off the market. I really think the underlay is the go for sure. Thanks.
For the Fibromyalgia, have you tried Hypericam?St Johns wort in tablets or homeopathiac remedies?Its great for nerve pain as is magnesium ,

Some people find taking 1 tsp cider vinegar and 1tsp manuka honey in water three times a day helps with arthritis and lots of other problems .Managing these conditions really is the key .On a day you work exercise a great deal you may find it helps if you can take it easier next day .Sort of one day on with exercise oneday off to stop inflammation building up .

My conditions similar to yours have really benefitted from accupuncture and swimming in our 350c physio pool .If you can get to a hot spring /spa bath this is helpful too .

Have a look in your library for books on managing the condition with diet .It can be a help to some if you have a certain diet ie no tomatoes or things from that family (nightshade)

I find when it is bad my TENS unit helps .This works by interupting the path of the pain to the brain and lessens the pain felt .
I have Fibro & Arthritis and found the underlay made me vomit!

What a miserable experience for you Rachel - I hope that you took advantage of the 60 day free trial and got your money back!!

I know it works by increasing the circulation and ridding the body of toxins but your reaction was extreme - trust you told the manufacturers and distributors of the side effects you suffered?? If you did I would be interested to know of their response!!!

The biomag comes with a money back guarantee so I would take it back Rachel .
Having said that my parents really find it helps them both .
Thanks Renee & Lesley. Fortunately I had borrowed one to try and could give it back. My husband had severe headaches while trying it, he was please to see the back of it also!
Lesley B.... I know as soon as I post this I will think, why on earth did I ask such a stupid question but.... what do you mean by "I find when it is bad my TENS unit helps" Am I missing something :-o where my brain is meant to be.
My goodness what a reaction from the bio-mag Rachel. I must do abit more research on that.
Will start the Cider Vinegar and Manuka Honey this week Lesley. Thanks for that.
Have a lovely day. 8)
We purchased an biomag underlay for my husbands aches and pains.
Worked well for him, but for me, I would sleep for about 2 hours and then be awake all night. Ended up just on his side of the bed, the other half tucked under the mattress - He mentioned how great it was for him. Slipped it off the bed, and he has never commented as to where it has gone. Has never mentioned his aches and pains again, that was months ago.
Annette it sounds like mind over matter. But I wouldn't be without my underlay. Rachel goodness what a experience, you must be anti-magnetic.?:-(?:-(:/:p
I've been called many things in my time but that's certinaly a new one! LOL!!
Please tell more about tens unit
Mary, I too wanted to know what LesleyB was talking about so typed TENS unit into google. Lots of sites there that sell these things. Here's a brief description from one of them:

Tens Unit: Tens units have been prescribed for years as an alternative to traditional analgesic pain relievers.
How Does a TENS Unit work? Electrodes are placed on or near the area of pain. Soothing pulses are sent via the electrodes through the skin and along the nerve fibres. The pulses (controlled by the user at all times) suppress pain signals to the brain. TENS machinesalso encourage the body to produce higher levels of its own natural pain killing chemicals called Endorphins an Encephalins.

Thank you Lorna will have a look there.
Did you ever get an magnetic underlay for your bed? Just wondering how it's going if you did.
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