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What do you do with your bits of soap?

Posted by Raewyn G 
Raewyn G
What do you do with your bits of soap?
November 14, 2004 10:03AM
Just wondering if anyone is frugal like me. I hate throwing out the end of a bar of toilet soap. So I save them up, then chop it up, put it in a double boiler with a little water added to the soap. Heat till all squishy and make new bars or rounds of soap. Made 2 large bars today.
Anyone else got any ideas?:/
Raewynsmiling smiley
Well I just don't buy cakes of soap anymore. Just the liquid soap, as I was sick of the kids melting almost a whole block in the bath. Then they'd want to do the same the next night. And not use up the scrappy bits.
They've now got a bit older, and progressed to having showers and I have the liquid soap in a pump, and they get one pump only, per shower.

My frugality extends to when the leftover soap is small, i just put it on top of the new bar when I have finished my shower. By the time the next person has the shower, it has adhered and we're away.
I only use natural soaps, and I have a large old agee jar in the bathroom on the wondowsill next to the shower, I've collected all the old bits with the intention of remoulding - but they look wonderful in a shabby chic kinda way - must get round to remoulding now that Raewyn has reminded me.....
I put mine in a piece of net curtain and use for handwashing delicate bits .It also scrubs gently for cleaning as the net is not abrasive .
We do liquid soap - makes a huge difference to bath and shower cleaning as there is no scum.
I think it feels very different on your skin as well and now often take a small bottle with us on holiday for showering.
I only buy the Mermaid Bay Soap company's soaps - they seem to last for ages and ages and ages - and they aren't expensive. Like Irene, I put the new soap gets put on top of the small disc left of the old soap and they become one before the next shower is taken.


Hi, good on you frugal ladies using your bits of soap. I use the old on top of new method and yes it does work.
Are there any other frugal tips you can pass on?
Ask me about frugal!!!!!
Get back after I help Hub sort out the Dinner HE was cooking tonight.
I was brought up in a very poor situation and my poor Mum had to make do on next to nowt. I so appreciate what I have now.

Try this site:


I keep the new packs of soap in the hotwater cupboard. If it's there long enough it hardens and doesn't "melt" quite so quickly.

Helen, you say you use liquid soap and no scum - does that mean no gunge on shower walls, or is that not a build up of soap? If so, it would be worth changing to liquid for that alone!

I have to say I have tried liquid soap in the shower a few times (I always use in for the basins as it is cleaner), but it doesn't froth up on the facecloth the same, so I don't feel it's doing the job. Any comments?

Glad you like the frugal living site Lorna - I think it's great and I haven't exhausted it yet grinning smiley Don't you just love the 'Vinegar Page'???

To the topic - my husband is a great melder of old and new tablets of soap too and I must say it looks most inelegant to me :-o However - he is not allowed to touch my Protex anti-bacterial which smells so fresh and divine - I leave the remnants to dry off and then slip them amongst my undies and eventually throw out the dried bits - not a bit frugal I know sad smiley

Janet, I found that with the liquid soap, but when I changed to using it with a net ball thingee it does froth up fine. I use the two, depending on my whim of the day.

Did someone say frugal!

I have made several bags out of plastic pot mitts (there are about six in a pack available at $2.00 shops) tie one end off, thread narrow elastic through the top to gather up and hang from the garden tap and laundry tap. Remains in place while washing hands, no need for soap holder. Holds all soap bits. Good for scrubbing hands after a hards days gardening.

Hi Win,
Could you explain a little more how you go about this as they sound great.
Do you undo and knit up the thread or make each one into a bag some other way.
Sorry for being a twit but I couldn't work out, quite what you ment.
Thanks Pat
Hello Pat

Sorry about the lack of info.

Use the round nylon pot scrubbers that are rolled up into tight little circles like doughnuts with a hole in the middle
Undo the scrubber and you will have a long tube.

Cut the length you need, gather one end and tie off with cotton then turn inside out because the cut ends can be quite sharp.

Make a hem which gives double thickness. Thread elastic in and out of the thicknesses then allow length so that you can pull soap over to either tap.
Knot elastic to finish.

As gifts I buy garden soap, cut into small pieces, and thread elastic and ribbon through. They can add their own scrappy bits later or whatever.

I have tried using nylon bags from garlic or fruit but find them too hard.

Try them. They are great.

I love them so easy so practical.
Soap Bit Bags

Make small bags ( out of scraps of net curtaining) thread colour ribbon (of room decor) thru top so you can hang bag on tap, works well

Thanks Win,
It sounds great, I will get a pkt. next time I go to the $2 shop.
It is a favourite place for little odds and ends, the small people love those shops.
Cheers Pat
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