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Diverticular disease

Posted by CR 
Diverticular disease
November 16, 2004 01:31AM
Any fellow sufferers out there?

For those not in the know, this is a condition of the large intestine, where pockets form, trapping fecal matter, and thereby setting up infection. Very painful, debilitating and potentially serious.

A disease which 85 percent of the population aged 40+ have (diverticulosis), but who never get the inflammatory condition (diverticulitis).

Would like to hear from other sufferers - how do you manage? I know about high fibre diet, but wondering if there is anything I am missing.
Re: Diverticular disease
November 16, 2004 03:41AM

My other half has diverticulitis. Diagnosed some 8 years ago now. We have found that gaseous foods inflame the problem. Lettuce, cabbage etc. Also cashew nuts or for that matter any nuts, but we have noticed if Darrell eats a good few cashews, he invariably has quite a bad attack. We have found that aloe juice helps to calm it and also taking voltaren or cataflam seems to help reduce the inflammation.

Through trial and error he hasnt had a bad attack now for about 18 months.

We went through the high fibre diet and found that things that had seeds, grains etc in the breads were particularly irritating and on investigating through the net, foundthat these sit in the pockets if not properly chewed and help create the inflammation. He was a white bread lover and now only eats Vogels but not the heavy grain ones.

Whether its coincidence or not, he has reduced his weight considerably and exercises daily which has lessened the stress levels and that was somethingwe had noticed previously. If he was highly stressed he was more prone to diverticular attacks. The crampings and pain associated would have him writhing on the floor and in extreme agony until it passed. We have tried the health food potions but by being careful with what he eats seem to have the problem under control now.

Helen CB
Re: Diverticular disease
November 16, 2004 07:33AM
My husband was rushed to hospital a couple of years ago. He had been eating grapes. Yes seeds and all. This is what got caught in a pocket. So now he spits them out. Also eating peanuts that have not been chewed enough is no good. Otherwise he has not had any further problems.
Re: Diverticular disease
November 16, 2004 10:09PM
I hope that someone can help, I have been trying to get my life back now for 18 months. I had to have my gallblader out and from that day have not been able to keep my food with me.
I do have good days but live on diastop, if I want to leave the house.
I have had scans and xrays and all the nasty bowel stuff, and now am told that I have IBS.
If anyone out there has this could you give me some infro on getting my life back on track, without taking medication all the time. I will take natural things but really don't like drugs all that much if I can live without them
It would be good to hear if other have been through this problem.
Cheers Pat
Re: Diverticular disease
November 17, 2004 03:50AM
Hi Pat, I have sent you the phone number of Direksell Products for IBS.
Re: Diverticular disease
November 17, 2004 09:23PM
Hi Carolyn
I didnt get your email could you please send that again.
Thank you so much for sending it.
It does put your life on hold and I hate it, but I know that there are lots of people out there worse off than me, so I must not moan about it all.
Thanks Pat
Re: Diverticular disease
November 18, 2004 12:21AM
I suffered from IBS for 7 years before i was given a lactose test. I am lactose intolerant. The symptoms are identical really to IBS. Aloe Vera works great and I watch what I eat. I have a really bad patch about every 3 months and wonder if I will ever get it under control. Even if I stay off lactose products I still get the IBS. I can't win. It was at the stage where I wouldn't go out of the house for a meal beccause it was so embarrasing to be sick straight after I had eaten. It's not an easy to think to have but as I grew in to it (it only started when I was about 21) I'm living in hope that one I'll grow out of it (I'm now 30).
Re: Diverticular disease
November 18, 2004 02:11AM
I have sent another email Pat. If you don't get it here is the phone number 0800-530-530. The capsules are excellent. Yoghurt & Bifidus.
Re: Diverticular disease
November 21, 2004 05:53AM
I just found out that my Mother-in-Law has Diverticulitis, and for a few years her doctor advised some laxative, can't remember the name of it, but after reading the list of side effects she has found out that this particular type of laxative absolutely depletes the body of potassium, one of the minerals that is essential for good heart health. She, at 86, found this out hersefl, having some problems with elevated blood pressure, one would have thought her Dr would have picked this up! She no longer takes this stuff, but instead makes up an interesting concoction of dried fruits which she presoaks over night and has with her breakfast...apparently it had the same effects as the pharmacutical stuff, and her potassium levels are now fine.

Also, the medication she was given for her high blood pressure came with notes, carrying a list of known side effects , one being Pancreatitis.She has been admitted to hospital on a number of occasions, having serious Pancreatitis!
This concidence was also missed by the medicos. Fortunately, at 86, she is a wily individual, and as sharp as a tack!
Just thought I'd share.
Re: Diverticular disease
November 28, 2004 08:21AM
Hi CR,

Yes, I have found that eating a very low fat diet, not drinking fluids with meals, exercise (walking 30 mins a day), supplementing with psyllium hulls and plenty of fluid inbetween meals (2 litres a day depending on your weight). For someone 50kg 1.5 litres is enough I think. The high firbre diet is also very important.

Hope this helps

Re: Diverticular disease
December 06, 2004 01:40PM
Can someone please advise as to dosage and type of Aloe Juice? Would also like info on the yoghurt and bifidus tablets. My mother has a constant battle so would like to be able to help her. Lorraine.
Re: Diverticular disease
January 02, 2005 02:20AM
Is couscous suitable for people with this disease? Lorraine
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