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The all time WORST job in the kitchen!!!

Posted by Raewyn G 
Raewyn G
The all time WORST job in the kitchen!!!
November 20, 2004 09:06PM
Wouldn't cleaning the oven be the worst job of all????????????
I did ours yesterday and to be fair, a neumatic drill would have been a huge help!!!!
I HATE IT!!!!!
Hope someone else out in foody land dislikes this as much as I!!!
Raewyn:-osad smiley

I suggest you buy an oven that does the job. I just turn a dial which locks the oven door and heats the oven till it gets a very high heat. Then when its done its job the oven door unlocks and all you do is just wipe the oven down. Its left with a white powder stuff over it. Just wonderful.
A job I HATE as well, I think every one must!!!! Found a form of help when a friend suggested to use dishwasher (machine) powder..I dampen the worst and sprinkle on the powder soak it a while give it a good scrub and there is the oven floor, wall etc in sight again....this is also VERY good for baked on roasts etc etc....Jan
Raewyn G
Re: The all time WORST job in the kitchen!!!
November 20, 2004 11:09PM
Noeleen, what sort of oven do you have? This old girl (the stove not me) needs replacing, but it scares the life out of me to change. I need to add a bit of fertilizer to my money tree too, before the big change! I would be definetly looking at a self cleaning one! I would be a cook in absolute HEAVEN!!!!

Oven cleaning has to be the PITS. Coming a close second has got to be the job I must do today: Pull out my large, heavy fridge and clean behind it. I can see down the side I will be upsetting some spider.
We do have one large fridge freezer that's auto defrost but have a smaller fridge and a chest freezer in the kitchen which need defrosting. I think THAT is worse than cleaning ovens. Spray it on, leave it overnight and wipe it off. Better than being bum up in a freezer by far I reckon. :p
Raewyn G
Re: The all time WORST job in the kitchen!!!
November 21, 2004 02:22AM
I'll do a freezer any day!!!!!
sad smiley
I have an upright freezer so no bum up in air for me. I will try the dishwasher powder though for the oven ( then I will have to buy a dishwasher to use the rest) although I do have a human dishwasher.(husband)
Borrow some powder from a friend with a dishwasher!!!!!!..Jan
Raewyn, Mine is a General Electric (Profile) wall oven.
Have no complaints about it, works like a charm and cleans to boot.
Raewyn G
Re: The all time WORST job in the kitchen!!!
November 21, 2004 06:09AM
Thanks Noeleen, sounds like a self cleaning oven coming in 2005!!!!!
I'm so excited and I haven't been near a store yet!!!!
The old one is cooking tea now and everything is well covered so it doesn't make a mess!!!!!! I can't stand it!!!!sad smiley
Yep! definately the oven.
I don't do ovens - every now and again I turn the oven up really high for a couple of hours (disenable the smoke detectors in the house - good time to check the batteries) and it burns off the debris - the last time I sprayed an oven was the night Hannah was born (14 years ago). I sprayed the oven with causitic nastiness, took two tablespoons of cod liver oil and went into labour!! Needless to say Dad got the job of oven wiping the next day - while I was putting my feet up in a brand new (read motel) maternity wing - enjoying my new cleaning the oven
The wonder oven's have a special feature - I think its called pyrolitic cleaning (a fancy self cleaning oven technique). The oven has a setting where it heats itself up super high and literally burns off the grime, which forms into a dust on the bottom of the oven.... fantastic invention!
Raewyn G
Re: The all time WORST job in the kitchen!!!
November 21, 2004 08:33AM
Wonder oven............Thats Me!!!!grinning smiley
Yep, the oven has surely got to be it! A tip for defrosting freezers..... get the hair dryer on to it. It's done in minutes and not so much melted ice to mop up. (Just aim the heat to dislodge the ice from the wall of the freezer.)
grinning smiley Lyn.

.........all the while being mindful of electricution (but yip - my Mum passed on the hair dryer technique to me too!)
Right I will go and tackle the freezer with my hair drier after I have been through the news.:}:}:}
Definitely not into cleaning ovens either. HATE IT, HATE IT, HATE IT.

Lynley I do like your idea of spraying the oven cleaner on before going into labour - now why didn't I think of that before going into labour with Marieke. Perhaps our Helen (gee that sounds nice!) can do that with this babe!

Also not that keen on cleaning out the fridge, but that is way better than the oven.

I quite like defrosting/cleaning the freezer - although it astounds me what I find in there that I have forgotten about :/

Cheers, Wilm
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