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Colin Fry................

Posted by Renée 
Colin Fry................
November 24, 2004 09:25PM
My daughter gave me, for my birthday last week, two tickets to see this famous medium at the Civic Theatre in Auckland next Thursday night.

I am wondering if any contributor to this forum has seen the show - and if so what was the overall impression??

Re: Colin Fry................
November 24, 2004 09:53PM
Haven't seen the show in person, but his TV show every afternoon is a must for me. I even take the phone off the hook. I think he's amazing.!
Re: Colin Fry................
November 24, 2004 10:37PM
Two of my friends went and absolutely loved it, I only wished I was with them!
A real must see apparently.
Re: Colin Fry................
November 25, 2004 12:12AM
Just driving home from my weekly massage and heard him being interviewed on Radio.

He sounds a very fascinating and sincere guy. He was saying he had his first "vision" when he was only 4 telling his Father his Mother had died at 4 oclock that day. Colin was scolded for saying such things and as they didn't have a telephone it had to wait for a telegram to confirm he had been right. He grew up feeling a bit of a freak and kept silent about his "powers" for a long time until his Mother eventually realized he did have something special.

He has been touring UK since Feb - done 72 shows I think he said and now here to do NZ.

Do hope you enjoy it - just 5 mins on the Radio was fascinating - nearly went thru a red light I was so enthralled................ Imagine telling that to the cop!!!!!!!

Re: Colin Fry................
November 25, 2004 12:30AM
I watch his shows on tv sometimes and he is hard to dismiss as a fake. One could be forgiven for thinking that his gift could be wearing a bit thin though, after so many public appearances since February - but from Josie's friends' description that apparently isn't the case!!

I know that he has been psychic from an early age Raewyn - I heard that on the radio too. Being a little psychic myself, but through dreams, I am really looking forward to this.

Now madly searching through my wardrobe for something suitable just in case he says those magic words ..... "come down" - for those who haven't seen him that means joining him on 'stage' for a more in-depth reading. In my dreams - there must be hundreds in his audiences! :-o

Re: Colin Fry................
November 25, 2004 09:03AM
I'm soooo jealous, would love to have seen him but an aunty is going on monday in hamilton i think and I asked her to tell me if she hears anything from mum!!!
Hope y6ou enjoy it and let us know what its like?
Kind regards
Re: Colin Fry................
November 26, 2004 09:27PM
Ummmm I'm confused. I read Raewyns post and it said he told his father his mother died and 4 o'clock and they got a telegram to say she did. Then he grew up and his mother realised he had powers.
Re: Colin Fry................
November 26, 2004 09:35PM
The father's mother
Re: Colin Fry................
November 26, 2004 11:10PM
Thanks for that clarification Jennifer. I too was confused about that. The English language is great, but needs careful use at times. winking smiley

Re: Colin Fry................
November 26, 2004 11:27PM
Sorry for the confusion guys - that got you going didn't it?

I basically typed it as he had said it on the radio - guess the written words aren't as clear as speech.

I see some of you think outside the square.
Re: Colin Fry................
November 27, 2004 12:45AM
Thanks for that!!

I need new glasses winking smiley
Re: Colin Fry................
November 27, 2004 12:46AM
Just been thinking about this as I was driving back from town.

When I was typing the original comment I hesitated and thought "perhaps I should put in brackets - (that's his father's mother)" - but thought better of it as I didn't want people to think I thought they wouldn't realize - and consequently offend my forum colleagues.

Isn't the English language challenging at times - makes life interesting I guess.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend - and it's beautiful and sunny as here in Manawatu - coolish wind tho.
Re: Colin Fry................
November 27, 2004 02:14AM
Oh, well, this'll keep ya busy then:

Riddle 1. A man looked at a photo and sighed, saying: "Brothers nor sisters I have, but the father of this man was the son of my father". Who is the person in the photo?

Riddle 2. A man picks up a photo and says "I don't have a brother or a son, but this person's father is my father's son". Who is the person in the photo?

Riddle 3. A guy said to his brother: "I was born just a few minutes before you, in the same place on the same day of the month of the same year, of the same parents. We have no brothers and we are not twins." How can this be?

Riddle 4: Two people are out walking. The smallest is the son of the biggest. However, the biggest is not the father of the smallest. Who is who?

Riddle 5. On a hunting trip two fathers and two sons each shoot and kill a duck. Nobody shot the same duck. Yet no more than three ducks fell down. How can this be?

Riddle 6. These are times of living in the fast lane. They say it's possible for one's granddad to be younger than one's father. What do you think?

Riddle 7. My father was eight years old on his first birthday. How can this be?

Riddle 8. "I have as many brothers as sisters," says a brother to his sister. "That's nothing," replies his sister, "I have twice as many brothers as sisters." How many brothers and sisters are there?

Riddle 9. My ex-wife's son is now my ex-brother-in-law - explain.

Riddle 10. What relationship to you is your father's only brother's wife's only brother-in-law?

Riddle 11. I am my mother's son's brother's sister's brother. What is the minimum number of siblings I have?
Re: Colin Fry................
November 27, 2004 02:58AM
Golly what brain teasers these are ...
1. Me ??
2. Me again ??
3. ?
4. Mother
5. Grandfather, Father & Son
6. ??
7. Not sure - what about born in a leap year ?

Look forward to the answers !!
Re: Colin Fry................
November 27, 2004 07:56AM
Good on you for giving it a go Lyn!grinning smiley Here's the answers:
Re: Colin Fry................
November 27, 2004 07:57AM
Oh oh, where'd they go? Oh no, lost in cyberspace!! Darn!!
Re: Colin Fry................
November 27, 2004 09:00PM
No - not cyberspace, the spirit world. I bet Colin knows the answers smiling smiley
Re: Colin Fry................
November 27, 2004 10:38PM
Just kidding. Answers:

1. The man in the photo is his son.
2. It's a picture of his daughter. His daughter's father is himself. His father's son is himself.
3. They are triplets. (Two brothers and a sister.)
4. A mother and her son.
5. There were just three people: granddad, father and son.
6. It is possible for the father of your mother to be younger than your father.
7. My grandfather was born on 29 Feb 1896. There was no leap year in 1900. The first leap year after his birth was in 1904. That is why he could be eight on his first birthday.
8. There are four boys and three girls in the family.
9. The son was from another one of the ex-wife's marriages. He then married and divorced the guy's sister.
10. It's my father.
11. I have at least one brother and one sister.
Re: Colin Fry................
November 27, 2004 11:42PM
Very impressive - but have to confess I am not good at those kind of riddles - I tend to see too much outside the square and add all sorts of complications.

I admire anyone who can. My eldest son is great at them - obviously not a talent from me tho.
Re: Colin Fry................
December 03, 2004 03:03AM
Renee... how was the show??? Am dying to know what you thought of it and if you enjoyed it
Re: Colin Fry................
December 03, 2004 06:54AM
Apparently the Wellington one was dreadful.
Re: Colin Fry................
December 03, 2004 08:28AM
Very disappointing Irene - I'm in a bit of a hurry now but will come back tomorrow with my reasons for saying this - always good to back up an opinion with just how one reaches that conclusion!!! And thanks for asking - almost wished I wouldn't be called to account - but hey, I started the thread so have to take responsibility. It pains me to say the above because the very expensive tickets were given by my daughter to me and I am considering how to couch my critique in words that won't make her feel she wasted her money!!

If, as Jennifer says, the Wellington one was a flop too, I think I have analysed why it's not working for him here - without decrying the man's capabilities!!!

Just come in and have to rustle up a cordon bleu meal of tinned ravioli on toast :}

Re: Colin Fry................
December 03, 2004 11:06PM
Gosh - what a let down for you Renee - esp after all the waiting and excitement about going.

I had too been wondering how it went - will watch this space.

I appreciate your concern over your daugher's feelings.
Re: Colin Fry................
December 03, 2004 11:51PM
As promised - a resumé of the Colin Fry show - a subjective view of course smiling smiley

A little background - it was going to be quite an event other than the show because, believe it or not, we have not ventured into the big smoke at night for about 15 years. I even had to ring the Civic Car Park to find out where the entrance was - and a good thing I insisted on leaving home early (my husband is a chronic 'last minute' person and I am punctual to the point when I am always early for anything). We were not prepared for the long queue at the car park - however we found a slot after 20 minutes and went to the theatre. I haven't been to the Civic either since it was revamped a few years ago and, being somewhat claustrophobic, I found it attractive but oppressive in some way.
The theatre was packed to the gills - unfortunately though, I think some people thought they were at a pop concert or rugby match because when Colin Fry appeared there were shouts, cheers and piercing whistles (from a woman immediately behind me who didn't stop at one!! :/ ). I immediately wondered how this atmosphere could be conducive to the sort of serious demonstration we were to see. And so it proved! Colin Fry's first three 'hits' were a disaster - despite the 'energy' settling over various people in the audience no-one was willing to 'own' the spirit that was apparently trying to contact them. He had just about no success in the first half of the proceedings. After a short break he returned (to the cheers and more whistles) and said, in effect, that he had heard that Auckland audiences are hard to please and that everyone needed to smile more and open up to the vibes - regardless of all the enthusiasm which was generating. Long story shortened - he had a brief q and a session during which a very young girl (about 14/15 I would say) said that her Dad had died 12 months ago very very suddenly and when could she expect to be able to make contact with him. Colin gave her lots of time and answered her in a very sensitive and positive manner - and I was impressed!

He then went on and managed to connect very well with two separate people in the audience - one which I thought was a little bit questionable and a long-shot type thing - the last was with some of the accuracy I have come to expect of him - the clincher with that person was when he asked "Who is Jessica, Jessie or Jess - this person is not in spirit) and the woman he was speaking with replied "that's my son" . That was the final connection he made.

To sum up - before I take all the space here - there were, according to Colin Fry, over 2,000 in the audience and the atmosphere was frivolous for the occasion - and I could not get the feeling that the atmoshere was right! Totally different from the more intimate settings we see on his TV shows (by the way this whole show was filmed by TV One and is to be screened early 2005 - all those who were 'contacted' were asked to stay behind afterwards, meet Colin personally and be interviewed by the TV crew prior to the show being edited!!)

I would have to describe CF as the ultimate 'showman' - once he did hook into something fairly palpable he played it for all he was worth having the audience in fits of laughter by the sometimes outrageous comments the 'spirits' were uttering!! After the show I said to my husband "I wonder if anyone else feels like me, that I came here as a believer and I am leaving as a sceptic"!! On reflection I still believe he is a genuine medium but perhaps he has displeased the 'gods' by using his gifts for such commercial purposes - because they were not very evident that night!!

As I said - a VERY subjective viewpoint - wish someone else from the forum had been there and who came away with a different impression.

Raewyn - thanks for the kind words. I will be talking to my daughter today and I think I will simply tell her that I came away with mixed emotions - more or less as I have said here - but reassure her that she had given me and her Dad the confidence to sally forth and have a pretty damn good night out!!

The end !!!!!!

smiling smiley grinning smiley :}

Re: Colin Fry................
December 04, 2004 07:12AM
What a well thought out review Renee - I felt you chose your words very carefully.

It is disappointing when you look forward to something for so long - and it doesn't live up to expectations. However - I feel you went with a very open mind - and heart - and reflected honestly.

Just think tho what you have accomplished - going to the big city at night, and navigating the streets and carpark - that in itself is a triumph you must build on.

Now - what can we send you guys to next before you lose the momentum........

Let those "spirits" work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of best wishes
Re: Colin Fry................
December 04, 2004 09:05AM
Thanks again Raewyn - just striving to be even-handed and fair!!

We're not 'old' old - if you get my drift - but old enough for some things to be a bit of a mission and we are somewhat guilty of staying a little within our comfort zone normally!!!winking smiley

Re: Colin Fry................
December 05, 2004 09:51PM
that is interesting Renee, and thanks for giving such a thorough - and I feel objective - reply. I often wonder when these type of gifts are used for commercial purposes, whether they are as successful.

As my late father in law used to say - at least it's an outing smiling smiley

cheers, Irene
Re: Colin Fry................
December 08, 2004 01:32PM
Hi everyone,
I just wanted to say that I was at the same show as Renee and I totally agree with her account of it. I was sitting there thinking pretty much what Renee said...the first half as very disappointing. No body had any idea what Colin was on about....or if they did, they weren't saying anything, which made me question his abilities. For most of the first half of the show there apparently was a little boy spirit that would not leave Colin. He was looking for a friend of his mothers to give them a message. At the beginning of the 2nd half it was kind of resolved with young lady saying it may have been a message for her as she might have known the boy before he passed away, but she was no longer in contact with the parents. So, who knows?!?!
I bought tickets for my Aunty & my mum for their birthdays and I was quite disappointed with the outcome although the 2nd half of the show was a little better. Colin seemed to be more accurate.
Just my opinion anyway.
Re: Colin Fry................
December 08, 2004 08:48PM
That's reassuring Jodie in that I so much wanted to give him all the benefit of the doubt and it's interesting that I wasn't the only one left with the same impressions. Did you, like me, find it rather odd that immediately after a 20 minute interval the link to the 14 year old was suddenly found??? Or am I being a total cynic????

If only someone else on the forums attended a show and came away quite satisfied - it's always good to get a different viewpoint!!! smiling smiley

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