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Posted by lynley 
November 25, 2004 01:42AM
My little Daisy is having her first Piano recital in a couple of weekends - what does one wear? - she's a bit of a tom boy (i.e. Hilary Duff - not Pollyanna) and the piano teacher said to wear a dress - we don't have one except a white peasanty one from Pumpkin Patch......does this mean a frock, bobby socks and black patent leather shoes - or mini evening wear? I'm at a bit of an ettiquette loss here? Ladies & Gentlemen?
Re: recital
November 25, 2004 02:51AM
Being a veteran of many many singing , speech and music recitals (as a pupil, not a parent) I will give you my advice.

If the recital is in the afternoon , she can keep it quite casual, but do try to wear a dress or skirt - it's nice to look as though you've gone to a bit of trouble.
If the recital is in the evening , then it is a little more formal - not necessarily evening wear , but it might pay to buy a "good" frock she can wear for special occasions.
Footwear is important too - maybe some high shoes if she's old enough?

However, bear in mind that I am speaking as a singer, on stage in front of an audience without a piano to sit at (and maybe hide behind. )

Being a pianist (and sitting down) she will not be quite so "on display"

It might also be an idea to ask the advice of your daughter's teacher?

BUt the most important thing is to enjoy , and have fun.

I hope this has helped.
Re: recital
November 25, 2004 02:58AM
Hi Lynley

It is a few years since Elysia gave her piano recitals and her music teacher held the recitals in the Church hall. We were asked that our daughters be well dressed in their "going to church" clothes. I realise that nowadays anything goes when going to church as I notice the younger ones are very casually dressed i.e. jeans & t-shirts at our church.

I dressed her in (mind you this is 10 years ago) a good dress and some little shoes that she had had for a wedding a few weeks previous. Most of the girls were well dressed with shoes and socks on.

At a dance recital we were at last year most of the girls had on skirts & tops when coming on stage to receive their awards and sandals on their feet.

I dont think you need to go out and buy a complete new outfit for her as if she is like Elysia was, a dress was very rarely worn.

Helen CB
Re: recital
November 25, 2004 02:58AM
thanks Stephanie - Daisy is 6 and it's on in the afternoon - 2pm with afternoon tea at interval with the older children performing after the interval.

The teacher is Russian - and I tried to get a better idea from her but all she said was "drrrrress drrrrress" in her gorgeous Romanov way......looks like we might have to go shopping - it's a nice way to acknowledge her achievement. tank you
Re: recital
November 25, 2004 03:28AM
Normal day time dress and sandals would be my choice.
You may need to buy or borrow a dress if you think that the PP one isn't suitable but I think just a normal girls dress and sandals would be just fine.
Re: recital
November 25, 2004 07:12AM
She's only 6 and a nice everyday dress and sandals would be fine. As an ex judge, I can tell you the last thing I was thinking of was what the littlies were wearing !
Re: recital
November 25, 2004 07:34AM
Has she got long hair? If so, a nice plait or else some nice hairclips can make her feel special, without having to go too overboard on what she is wearing.

Good luck, Daisy.

Re: recital
November 25, 2004 08:32AM
thank you,people from FL oh and Linda I do have long hair,Mum has broght thousands of hairclips.I have two in a half more weeks left.

nice regards

Daisy.:p8)smiling smiley
Re: recital
November 25, 2004 10:05PM
Good luck Daisy, hope you play well, and enjoy yourself.winking smiley
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