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Opinion sought - frivolous topic

Posted by lesnic 
Opinion sought - frivolous topic
November 28, 2004 11:40AM
I'm doing a little survey:

Over tea tonight one daughter mentioned something negative about a celebrity and I said that is because you have been conditioned to see these people as perfect and flawless then the talk turned to magazines and I felt that the ones that show celebraties with their flaws would sell the most.

I dont buy magazines but when I am waiting at the checkout and see the heading "stars without makeup" or "before and after plastic surgery" etc I pick it up and have a look. I mentioned when we see that their skin isn't flawless or figures perfect etc it makes us feel a little better. Well my husband disagreed and said people want the see stars looking like stars and didn't feel seeing them with their faults will sell as much.

What say you

Regards, Lesnic
Raewyn G
Re: Opinion sought - frivolous topic
November 28, 2004 06:48PM
I believe any goss about celebrities will sell mags. For example how many times do you see or read scandallous things and gossip about these people? Well that is far from perfection isn't it? Same could be said for their bodies too. So I agree with you Lesnic. Reading of someones inperfections makes the "normal" people feel better!
Re: Opinion sought - frivolous topic
November 28, 2004 09:50PM
Isn't it funny. It seems, the more money they have the more money they spend on trying to look better. But i'm not fulled, under all their looks they are ordinary as anyone else. In fact they become so vane it is sickening. I don't think they live in the real world.
Re: Opinion sought - frivolous topic
November 28, 2004 09:53PM
It doesn't really worry me, as I don't buy those mags. I only read them in the hairdressers or doctors. Must be getting sceptical in my old age, but frankly I'm sick of hearing about some of these celebs.

Must prefer to read about "real" people.

Re: Opinion sought - frivolous topic
November 29, 2004 12:01AM
I'm with Linda, don't buy the magazines unless there is somerhing that I want to read and then I often wait until the come onto the trading table or like . I don't have time I spend to much on this web site.
Re: Opinion sought - frivolous topic
November 29, 2004 12:42AM
I'm with Kay & Linda, I don't buy these types of magazines, and only read them in waiting rooms, or unless someone gives me one.... and that is enough.... a little of this sort of reading material lasts me a very long time. I have, rather belatedly realised just how many amazing writers we have in the world, and also that if I am to read as many as possible, I have to make use of all precious reading time available. So why waste my time, and money on magazines, full of superficial ( probably rubbish) stuff about celebrities, who aren't going to make one bit of difference to my life. Instead I have been deriving lots of pleasure and stimulation from reading a wider variety of stuff than even before in my life.
Biographies and autobiographies are much more to my liking, and so inspiring often.
Haven't bought a magazine since Princess Diana's death and even though, in the end, I don't believe the Paparazzi were to blame at all, it made me realise what utter crap is in these mags. Some have good recipes and good home hints but these can be delved into online or from the library.
As for "the stars" don't you think what they do is more important than how they look. There are certain actors/singers I like because of their acting / singing ability ~ not their looks. Models have to look good, "actors" don't and that is the difference. Ultimately it is only us that make them stars. "Video killed the radio star...... " ....was that the 80's !!!! :-((( ?:-( There aren't the singer songwriters like there used to be, more emphasis is placed on movement and looks now ~ there isn't the depth to music any more. Is there. Or is it me. This could start a whole new discussion. Didn't used to like rap but thanks to Scribe I do now so I am not completely stuck in a time warp. :}
Re: Opinion sought - frivolous topic
November 29, 2004 03:17AM
I'm like a lot of others - don't buy them.

My life is too busy to read such utter trivia and nonsense. The only time I look at them is at the hairdressers - and even then you can read the same story about the same person in different magazines - nearly always with different information too - so what's the point.

I laughed one time with those dress ratings so many points out of 10. They had Julia Roberst in one scoring a 9/10 and the other maga gave her 2/10 - saying how ghastly she looked. Honestly - do they really think we the consumer cares.

I only buy Foodtown and New World food mags - and take out all the recipes I want to keep - and the occass Donna Hey/Cuisine/Delicious - depending on finances.

Was going thru the check out recently with my eldest son and he was roaring laughing at all the headlines - and reading them out aloud for added impact. "Do people really buy this crap"? he asked. Not in this house. Sooner shout me a Pinky bar!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Opinion sought - frivolous topic
November 29, 2004 12:42PM
ladies, ladies, I told you it was a frivolous subject. I just wanted to know which do you think sell the most.

The ones that have negative things to say about these celebs


the ones that portray them as flawless.

For example those of you who read these in waiting rooms etc - would you be more inclined to pick up the one with the negative headline?

I was trying to get an opinion so I could prove my point to my husband (that I am right of course).

Thank you Raewyn G for answering my little survey.

Kind regards.
Re: Opinion sought - frivolous topic
November 29, 2004 07:19PM
Whoops sorry Lesnic - you did get us going didn't you.

To answer your question - I agree with your point you were trying to make to your beloved.

I think people do go for the mags that have negativity and scandal - they like to see the celebs as "normal" as possible - like we look..............

Makes "us" think "we aren't so bad after all...............

Hope this answers you this time.
Re: Opinion sought - frivolous topic
November 30, 2004 01:19AM
I'm with you Raewyn, I'd rather have a read of a chocolate wrapper! I guess magazines are an accepted form of vouyerisim...big word for me!
Re: Opinion sought - frivolous topic
November 30, 2004 12:49PM
So you're telling me that if you were waiting, lets say in a doctors or dentists office and the only thing to read was a weekly rag on celebraties or a mars bar wrapper - you would take the latter. Yeah right
Re: Opinion sought - frivolous topic
November 30, 2004 06:23PM
I'm with so many others who have commented on this subject. Who cares who's sleeping with whom, who's broken up with whom and even more boring, what they're all wearing. I don't read or buy these magazines, and if I do pick one up while waiting for my monthly takeaway treat, I usually turn to the puzzle page and hope there's a cryptic crossword to keep me occupied while waiting. Given a choice, I would prefer to read Next or a gardening magazine. How come we never see any foodie mags in waiting rooms? Do we all hang on to them, or are they 'borrowed' from the waiting room as soon as they appear?

Re: Opinion sought - frivolous topic
November 30, 2004 10:28PM
I'm just chuckling at Jen's reply. I didn't mean I would sooner buy a Pinky to read - I meant I would sooner spend the money on a Pinky than a maga. Can't say I have ever read a choc bar wrapper - would probably shock me too much.

Perhaps Jen you were commenting "tongue in cheek".
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