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6 year old party games

Posted by Hayley 
6 year old party games
November 29, 2004 10:12PM
Hi there,

A friends son is having his 6th birthday party.... and I'm helping organise. At all of the parties hes been to this year there have been VERY creative kids games..... does anyone have any fun games they could suggest? There will be about 10 kids.


Re: 6 year old party games
November 29, 2004 11:05PM
Our kids are 9 and 7, so I'll tell you what they've liked.

Pass the parcel has been a huge hit, over the years. Also good that its a quiet game.

Musical Statues.

Pin the ........ on the ........ (whatever the child is into). Went to one party which was pin the hammer on Bob the Builder. Also been to a paint the lipstick on Barbie for a very girly, girl.

Treasure hunts and depending on the age of the kids, clues can be given.

Our 9yr old daughter went to a party last week and the favourites there were apple bobbing, but they all needed a change of clothes, and also one where they're blind folded, sitting in a circle,and a block of chocolate is in the middle. With a knife and fork, they have to chop it up and they get to eat what they chop up.

Re: 6 year old party games
November 30, 2004 12:03AM
I too would recommend treasure hunts with lots of little prizes, so that all the kids get at least one thing. Gets them outside for a while too:}
Kind Regards
Re: 6 year old party games
November 30, 2004 01:34AM
Thanks guys!
Re: 6 year old party games
November 30, 2004 01:56AM
Egg and spoon races, sack races, twister.
Re: 6 year old party games
November 30, 2004 07:14AM
I invented a little birthday party game based on the old TV show "It's in the Bag" with Selwyn Toogood and it was so popular I was never allowed to NOT have it.

Here's how it works.

1. Scour the local shops for cheap, exciting prizes. You need one prize for every child at the party, except for one booby prize. If you have more than 10 children attending, you could have two booby prizes but you will not be popular...

2. Get an old envelope (the "bag"winking smiley for every child, so if there's seven children, have seven envelopes numbered 1 to 7. Place a slip of paper inside the envelope, with a prize written on it.

3. Buy a million lollies (the "money"winking smiley, preferably wrapped ones (for hygiene) like MacIntosh's Toffees. If they're lollies the children aren't particularly keen on, it doesn't matter because this helps to create more mental anguish as they try to choose between lots of lolly (ha ha) or the chance of an exciting envelope prize. I used to allow 25 lollies per child (you never know how many children are going to say "I'll take the lollies"!).

4. One envelope contains the booby prize. This is a delicate situation. It has to be a genuine booby prize because otherwise the children aren't faced with a scary choice and this is actually the key to the game. Each year I would choose something useful but disappointing, like a packet of fruit juice or two pencils.

5. Line the envelopes up. Put the children in alphabetical name order, or draw their names out of a hat, etc, to get an order of play. The first child comes up. I have a large bag of lollies in my hand. I say to him/her, 5 lollies or the bag? He/she says "the bag". I say, 9 lollies or the bag? He/she says "the bag". I say, 25 lollies or the bag? They start to waver. I think the most lollies I ever offered was 85 (coz all the previous children had turned the lollies down so I had lots to bargain with) but the child still took the bag. At any stage you like in your lolly offering, you can stop and say, okay which bag would you like then? They will choose envelope No.5 for instance. You open it up and tell them they've won a washing machine, etc (wouldn't that be a booby prize for them!).

6. There will be prizes (and lollies) left over if some children have chosen the lollies instead of the bag. You will be subjected to enormous pressure to just hand these prizes out because "they're spare anyway". My advice is, don't. It spoils the game.

Have I explained this well enough? If anyone doesn't understand how some part of it works, don't hesitate to ask - I can explain further.

P.S. Even if the booby prize comes up first, the children still agonise over which envelope because they all have different tastes in prizes. Sometimes, after the game is over, they will negotiate prize swaps between themselves. This is fine.
Re: 6 year old party games
November 30, 2004 08:26AM
That's brilliant Jennifer!

I think I might adapt this to a game for adults as it would be fun for our annual girls xmas lunch - there's a group of us that get together each year for a long Friday afternoon lunch (read: forget about going back to work as we'll be too sozzled!), usually about 10 of us, so it wouldn't be too expensive. I could offer chocolates instead of lollies and try to find simple adult prizes - a bottle of wine, a scented candle, a gourmet traveller magazine, etc. It would be great fun - thanks for the idea!grinning smiley
Re: 6 year old party games
November 30, 2004 08:29AM
in all fairness to Selwyn, you must call the contestants "customers" and say "By Hoki" and "what'll it be New Plymouth? - the lollies or the bag?" in a loud booming voice.....

my sister and I used to play this and used to argue over who got to be "Tineke Bouchier"

Old NZ TV game show format in case you are bewildered by all this....grinning smiley
Re: 6 year old party games
November 30, 2004 08:46AM
That sounds great Jennifer! I'll have to find myself a suit and tie! haha
Re: 6 year old party games
November 30, 2004 11:25AM
So pleased you like it.

Lynette, I've often thought a good teenage version would be "the money or the drugs/alcohol"!!! (In jest, of course.)winking smiley
Re: 6 year old party games
November 30, 2004 11:40AM
Gosh Hayley - what a wonderful friend you are to help with such a task - hope it comes back when it's your turn.

Sorry no suggestions - my sons well passed that age - so can't remember what they did - but with the wonderful ideas from your forum mates you are obviously going to have a great time.
Good luck for the event. Let us know how it goes.

Re: 6 year old party games
November 30, 2004 12:15PM

Update on the party game I mentioned above - a lost memory file has just floated to the surface.

I always had one or two EXTRA prize envelopes over and above the number of children. This meant the booby prize didn't HAVE to be won by a child.
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