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Christmas Presents for kids

Posted by Sharon 
Christmas Presents for kids
December 01, 2004 03:23AM
Just curious as to what you parents out there are getting your 8 years and under for Christmas.
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 01, 2004 03:35AM
Our 7yr old son, would love one of those robots. But at over $100, he's not getting one. ?:-(
He's into soccer so I got him a soccer uniform which I found in the new Fox place. Plus some books on space, which he also loves. Clothes, snorkel, goggles and flippers.
He will also get a stocking filled with some gimicky things, lollies, and a new set of felt tips.
Last year we got our kids a new bike each. They were then aged 6 and 8. But that was all they got from us, apart from their stockings.

As parents, we don't go overboard on the kids, as they get more stuff from their grandparents, (both sets) plus 4 sets of aunties and uncles. So they end up with lots of stuff.

Our family is more into giving something decent for birthdays, which also spreads the financial burden, out a bit.

Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 01, 2004 03:43AM
Daisy wanted an electric guitar, drum set and microphone!!!!!

she will probably end up with an acoustic guitar, body board, cheap skateboard, clothes, Password Journal and then stocking fillers - I love Nature's Window in St Lukes for that stuff - kind of gimmmicky - but with a science angle chucked in.....
I dread to think what Trent will end up with. Because we're away from family, I tend to overcompensate. Last year he had 23 presents! I'm off to Sydney on Friday to do my xmas shopping so I guess this year will be the same.

We went to the yacht club xmas party on Sunday held on an island about an hour away from Port Moresby and Santa arrived on a boat with sacks of presents. I had pre-registered Trent for a gift (he's 3) so when Santa called out his name, he was thrilled! He came running back to me with his gift yelling "he knows my name, he knows my name, Santa knows my name!" Then when he opened it he asked why it wasn't the Tonka Dump Truck that Trent (with help from dad) had written to Santa requesting!! So that'll be one the presents I buy this weekend!smiling smiley
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 01, 2004 06:03AM
Our 7 year old son is getting snorkel, mask, and flippers, while the 6 year old only girl wants a toy kitchen and more barbies; and the baby - nearly 4 -is getting a toy wheelbarrow (a metal one, not a plastic one) plus a spade, fork, rake and shovel (metal ones) so he can "help" Dad in the garden. We tend to emphasis birthday's more - with them getting a new bike each this year.
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 01, 2004 09:20PM
8 year old girl is getting a much wanted bike, but nothing girlie, and bug catchers, the 7 year old boy is getting a stereo, and a knights dress-up. For his birthday he got a fortress with plastic figureens, and this has been so well used I would definately recomend one for this age group.
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 01, 2004 10:22PM
I only have one child to buy for, and that is my 4 year old neice who has everything, and I mean everything!! She is an only child with wealthy parents. Her play room is the size of a large lounge and has every toy imaginable, including her own supermarket with shelves and trollies etc, a big kitchen to cook all the food, dozens of dolls with everything a doll needs, 100's of books, videos, loads of bikes including the motorised ride on ones. If she is given a type of doll, she is given the whole set with all it's furniture. I use to think that I could give her "experiences" rather than toys, but her parents manages to give her that as well - her passport was full before she was 3!!. I am just grateful that she is a lovely little girl with a kind heart, and loves been given lots of love which comes free from me. So if anyone has any ideas, I would be very grateful.
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 01, 2004 10:33PM
Jenny, my first thought was very un-pc and I thought what about a goodie bag of lollies/chockies etc. Then I thought as she is such a traveller, does she have a special bag for travelling, ie a wee backpack, or a wee suitcase???? It's nice to read though that with all that she does have, she is a wee angel. Reminds me of my very special little nephew (Lynette PNG will know who I am talking about) - Trent is a wee darling and the apple of my eye
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 01, 2004 10:47PM
Thanks Irene, I was thinking about your thougth with the chocolates, and I thought maybe I could get her first recipe book!! She loves food and cooking and even understands food and nutrition (she is also very bright). When I looks after her she is always telling me that I need to cook her a healthly dinner as she had McDonalds for breakfast, or went out from brunch.

She has many suitcases and travel bags - I remember when she was 3 and we were staying in a hotel in Rotorua, and she came strolling into the reception with her barbie bag on wheels, and said "this is quite nice, it's a bit like Fiji!!" You should have seen the look on the receptionist face.
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 01, 2004 11:05PM
Jenny, she sounds a wee treasure!! I just had another thought, a really nice type of scrapbook / diary for her travels or photo album????? But I like the idea of a good recipe book - aren't there some good kids cookbooks out there???
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 01, 2004 11:15PM
That's another fantastic idea Irene - you are good!! Her mother put together a box when they went around Europe for 3 months. She has included little bits an pieces that they picked up on their travels so that Abi can go through it when she is older to remember. Her mother has also taught her another great trait, and that is to send out thank-you cards. So if anyone gives her anything or is sick, or had a baby, she races off to make them a card with stickers etc, and posts it off. My fridge is covered in these, thanking me for this and that.
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 01, 2004 11:20PM
Thanks Jenny - now can you give me an idea for my 20 year old son grinning smiley. All I can think of is a hamper with different beers/chokkies and lollies (he is a lolly king) - but wish I could think of something more permanent, but then I guess that;s what birthdays are for.
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 01, 2004 11:38PM
Is he a metrosexual kind of guy? Meaning, does he use hair or skin care products? American Crew do a great range of mens hair products, including a product called fibre, which gives the hair great texture and hold. And also they have great shampoos. Not cheap, but a nice luxury item for guys, and something extra to put in your hamper.
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 01, 2004 11:59PM
definitely not metrosexual - more of a hippy type (parental influence was too strong), and has a classic early 70s Ford Falcon. I should get him some fluffy dice hehehhehehe. He is naughty like me and smokes, but has everything - ie his own dj/turntable set up, decent cameras, decent lighter. Will have to have a think on this one, but I think the hamper may be the way to go, with all sorts of goodies. Although another thought - he has been on a restricted licence for 5 years now (and has numerous fines to show for it, ie passengers!!) - maybe I should book my little darling in for his full licence!!!! Or I wonder if you can buy prepaid vouchers for traffic fines :}
Lynette - PNG
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 02, 2004 12:59AM
Jenny, another idea for your sweet little niece could be a homemade book of vouchers which she can redeem with you throughout the year. I read about it on the frugal living website and by the sound of it, her and her mum and dad are the furthest thing from it but it had some great ideas, e.g. a voucher for an afternoon spent with you baking chocolate chippies. There were all sorts of ideas so have a look at <>

Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 02, 2004 01:12AM
Ahhh - that's a different kettle of fish!! If he is right into DJing, then you could get him some good quality needles or slip mats to go into his hamper .

I just came across the Jaycar Electronics catalogue at work, and it has some nifty gadgets ranging in prices, for the person with everything.

MP3 Player speakers, vibration feedback for Xbox or PS2, personal brethalyser on a keychain, Lots of remote control toys that give you electric shocks, laser pointers, refridgerators for the car. They even have "norbet" robotic vacuum cleaner which I would quite like for myself!! The website is
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 02, 2004 01:17AM
I will have a look at that too Lynette - thanks for the great idea. I could include taking her to the movies, or the zoo. I was her age when I started riding horses, so I might see where she could go for riding lessons. Pity she is too young for a tattoo or a body piercing!!
Jenny the sea animal cookie cutters on foodlovers store could be a fun thing if she is into cooking (or even for play dough).
Daisy (almost 3) and Greta (8) both love them and use them to their own ability. Greta's get decorated beautifully and Daisy's are lucky if all of their tentacles are attached!

Santa is bringing

Daisy - disney princess sleeping bag with lilo mattress attached, polly pocket dollys, dolphin beach towel with hood and then the normall stocking fillers.

Greta - gorgeous clothes and p.j's, junior scrabbble and some other games.

Jemima - bath toys, dolly, tiger beach towel with hood.....

Then post holiday and around the time that the baby arrives the girls are getting a rabbit hutch and 2 dwarf floppy eared bunnies.
Now that we don't have a dog there really was no good excuse...
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 02, 2004 02:44AM
Ideas for 6 year old boy.????
Majick is 5 and Gali is almost 6. Gali will get a Trampoline which we have all chipped in for a couple of outfits ie Teenage ninja turtle clothes and shoes i have found on special during the year and maybe a wee spiderman toy. He will get some cd roms with learning games for the computer and perhaps a couple of books.
Majick will get a yoyo ball which always comes back, something from Dual masters not sure what yet, ninja turtle shoes, maybe a cd rom or playstation game.
They both love Teenage mutant ninja turtles
Dragon ball z and GT
Dual masters
I think looking at the kids at school this is pretty common.
Oh and Dinosaurs are always popular and books about nasty things like snakes, crocodiles, spiders, machinery, cars etc........
Kind Regards
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 03, 2004 03:24AM
My just turned 7 boy loves lego, kinex, meccano, the castle we bought him recently with the knights on horses, dinosaurs, maze/puzzle books, water pistols -guns, bionicles. Hope these give you a few ideas.
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 20, 2004 10:37AM
Put together a scap book that has photos of you and her from the day you met her until now...then you can basically do this as a yearly thing. Buy the stuff that she likes and put them in the book etc little things that she does etc especially when she comes over your house - everything that you guys do eg a pen she uses - just cellotape it to the book and write something like she used this pen to write ,,,,,,,whatever she wrote etc. That means the whole to her when she grows up rather than all the gift that she is given. It is more personal that the bought ones.
Re: Christmas Presents for kids
December 22, 2004 06:07AM
I only have a 3 year old and 1 year old.

My 3 year old son is getting clothes and cars/trucks and my 1 year old daughter is getting clothes and dolls.
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