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Got an early Xmas present!

Posted by Raewyn G 
Raewyn G
Got an early Xmas present!
December 02, 2004 08:17AM
The man of the house gave me my Xmas present early. Its a beautiful stainless steel, glass lidded, electric fry pan. We needed a new one as the old one was teflon coated, which had deteriorated over the years and we sometime ago agreed that it wasn't safe to use, because of the peeling coating.
Can hardly wait till tomorrow night to use it!!!
I feel very spoilt!
Hope you all are as lucky as I am.
Raewynsmiling smiley
Well done Raewyn,
Its nice when its an unexpected pressie!
But I have to admit if he gives me a frying pan i will kill him!!!!!!!!!!
Kindest Regards
Re: Got an early Xmas present!
December 02, 2004 09:31AM
It must be the day for Raewyn's to get early Xmas pressies.

You know I was asking you all about breadmakers - well I get mine delivered tomorrow.

I have scouted around at prices for the Panasonic and they ranged from @299.95 to the cheapest of $279.95 at Farmers. However hubby got on line to LV Martin and blow me down only $199.95

They deliver free as far north as Levin - we live in PN - but as my Mum lives in Raumati we are getting them to courier it to her today and my son was going down to spend the day with her tomorrow anyway so will bring it back for me. Quite ironical really - as it was being bought with the money my Mum gave us for Xmas.

So - bring out the flour and yeast - just as well I already have done a lot of my xmas baking - as I will be tied up with dough.

Congrats Raewyn on your frying pan. We are quite the appliance queen tonight aren't we?
Raewyn G
Re: Got an early Xmas present!
December 02, 2004 09:36AM
Yes I did say it wasn't a personal gift, but something we really needed. I am a bit too practical for my own good, I guess. Would have loved some oil paints and a couple of canvas's, but may have to buy them myself.
I might have to buy him a new electric kettle!!! hahaha:} or a breadmaker!!!!!! One always buys something they would really like themselves don't they???? hehehehehe:}

Re: Got an early Xmas present!
December 02, 2004 10:28AM
I got mine today too something I have been wanting for a long time a stainless steel cutlery set to replace the silver one which I hate cleaning so I am very happy.
Re: Got an early Xmas present!
December 02, 2004 11:25PM
Well I haven't got it yet, but I ordered it yesterday..... I have hankered after a salt hen, from Happy Hens, already have a string hen, that I have had for years.... and nearly bought the salt one in a local shop then didn't and of course when I went back it was gone. So finally decided that I would order one direct from Happy Hens, and call it a Christmas Present to myself. My husband hates shopping and as the years go by is more and more reluctant to go shopping for Christmas and Birthday gifts, ( I refuse to hint and apply pressure, a gift is given willingly, or not at all in my thinking, and he is generous in other ways), so I have decied I will buy my own........ might add, the salt hen miught not be the only thing I by myself!!!!winking smiley Already have a stack of books I fancied, hidden around the place.... I will share those with the rest of the family though.
How many others buy themselves gifts???
Kaye it is something i may have think about doing as mine hates shopping too!
Kind regards
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