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Peoples opinions / moan

Posted by beetle 
Peoples opinions / moan
December 02, 2004 09:08AM
A rant moan and grizzle.........

Why is it when you think life is sailing along smoothly for once and youve got some badly wanted sleep, the day has been crap youve managed to kill at least 2 computers, book people into the wrong room, spent ages on the phone trying to fix the problem with the phone, computer and all the in between bits, like updates, and installs.

or friends get the huff cos they believed you did something when you didnt???? and familys are moaning, when you have so much on your plate ya cant think straight? assigments coming out me ears.... and im not moaning about it to anyone, but i still get the you started it trick... i am nearly finished it trick so whats the next thing to grizzle at me about?

and then you finally get time on the comp, making a slap stick tea, and some body rings up for something and then as the conversation meanders along you get attacked for always doing ....what ever and since youve always done it you dont know any different?

I had the Outlaw from hell ring up to say why hadnt i heard ....... and then says you need to get jetstream, now i already have a personal line and 3 incoming work lines? why the hell (sorry) would i need another?

i wish for once somebody just had something nice and encouraging to say or just rang to say hi?
why do we judge people by what they havnt got, or they dont do? not by who they are and what they do?

sorry to moan, but its been a hell of a day and i have nobody esle home to yatter tooo......... and

and as they will tell me i brought it all on myself...........


need sleep and coffee.

Re: Peoples opinions / moan
December 02, 2004 09:20AM
Oh Beetle, you poor person. It always seems so much worse when you need proper sleep.

You can moan to us, we are your extended family, but the good thing with us is you don't have to remember our birthdays, buy us presents, or feel obligated to contact us. You can even moan to us and not even bother to read our comments if you so choose. How empowering is that??

Little comfort that it is, but we all have "those days" and I am sure that your rainbow will shine again soon.

I actually had a good laugh - with you, not at you!

Keep smiling

Re: Peoples opinions / moan
December 02, 2004 09:22AM
Oh Beetle

My heart sank as I read your thread.

So very sorry you have had such a rotten day.

I don't know your number - or I would ring and just say "hi" - but instead I will do it here.

I won't go into a philosophical speel as to why things happen and moulding who we are........... and all that crap

Don't think that's what you want to hear anyway....

but simply to tell you that us forum addicts love you - and your contribution - AND TOMORROW WILL BE A BETTER DAY..
Raewyn G
Re: Peoples opinions / moan
December 02, 2004 09:49AM
At times I believe we all need a padded, sound proofed room to go to, to beat the daylights out of the walls, kick, scream and if necessary use words we don't normally!!!!
As it has been said we ARE your extended family, non-judgemental and offer you unconditional understanding, support and caring!!!!!

SO, HI BEETLE, HI BEETLE, HI BEETLE..................................................

With caring thoughts,
Raewyn G xxxxxx (unconditional!!!!)

Sounds like you need a box of Lisa's treats in an awful big hurry!!! Wish I could send them to you, lickity split!!!!!:} Sweet things are good for alot of lifes [email protected]#$%^^&^&^^*(()(*

I hope the sun shines for you tomorrow!!!!!

Re: Peoples opinions / moan
December 02, 2004 10:25AM
Oh dear beetle what can I say but maybe tomorrow will be a better day after all it is Friday!!! I'm sorry everyone is getting at you I too wish I could phone you just to say Hi... but like Raewyn said we all love you because your one of us & that at the end of the day is what counts knowing you have faithfull buddies out there who care.
We love you just as you are Goodnight & I hope you have a good one.Lyn
Re: Peoples opinions / moan
December 02, 2004 12:19PM
Thinking of ya...hope you are tucked up in bed and catching some ZZzzzzz's. smiling smiley
Re: Peoples opinions / moan
December 02, 2004 10:22PM
hey Beetle,
I know what its like when life feels a bit too much too handle. Just remember we are all here to talk too. And if a wee box of goodies would help please let me know i'd be happy to oblige.
Hope you have a relaxed peaceful weekend.
Warmest Regards
Your foodlover friend
Re: Peoples opinions / moan
December 02, 2004 10:39PM
And another thing beetle - you know very well that coffee and sleep are not good bed partners grinning smiley :}

Seriously - hope you have a much better day today - sounds like you might run a motel or something - I used to do that and it drove me to the brink of a mighty abyss - and something stronger than coffee too ocasionally winking smiley

Take care and nurture yourself a little bit!!!!

Re: Peoples opinions / moan
December 02, 2004 10:48PM
I think beetle you need a good holiday. One that you can lie back and let everyone wait on you. Wouldn't that be nice. I had my birthday yesterday and I thought I was going to do nothing. Then my friend rang to say that she was picking me up and we will go somewhere for lunch. So that made my day.
Re: Peoples opinions / moan
December 02, 2004 11:13PM
hey Beetle - I'm sending good vibes your way - I used to run a small resort - lots of other people being very needy! - I know it's hard to see anything objectively when you're in a place like this, but try and get some time out for yourself.....and feel free to talk about stuff all you want - here - a foodlover will never judge (well almost always never!!)...........
Re: Peoples opinions / moan
December 03, 2004 01:16AM
Well today is better, tired and flat today, but drinking my water is helping, and only had um 2 coffees so far.....

last night made us tea, and got called to the door sorted the people out and come back to find kids havnt moved still playing playstation but my dinner gone as the cat ate it.......

So! i think great go find something to heat up from the freezer.....

hubby comes home late and then his friends come join in and i finally get to bed about 12? and up and down all night from too many coffee's and thinking and wound out...............

have just over a week to sort my house out and pack for our first 2 days off.....overnighters this time, and yet to book a motel and make sure everything is here and clean for the motel sitters.

talked to my puter man and $$$ keep mounting, all for a good cause.... for the kids. went downtown, forgot my list and so forgot half of it, went to the supplier and got the wrong brand ive been told by hubby! LOL

so im not sure its any better today..... and just realised its need food.....
and thanxs to all how sent emails and good wishe's ......... it was so nice. had to find the tissues.... and i would love some denheaths but you run a business so i would pay. i know you have to make a living too.
and really dont need them....trying to lose weight not gain it....LOL

hope every one has a nice day, and ill be back, counting down the days.... for my holi - holiday......grinning smileysmiling smiley:}

so nice and fuzzy here from the warm wishe's and kind thoughts....

now priorities....Food ....

grinning smiley

Re: Peoples opinions / moan
December 03, 2004 02:56AM
Well lets just hope you pop off somewhere nice for your time off. Somewhere warm - maybe Sydney for the weekend. Now thats the trick!!!

Make sure you stay somewhere that posh and romantic and relaxing.

Ohhhhhhh dreams 8)
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