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Phantom of The Opera

Posted by Sandra 
Phantom of The Opera
December 02, 2004 10:12PM
Are there any other "Phantom" fans out there in Foodie land??
The reason I ask is because my daughter went to the movies last night, and they had a trailer advertising the movie is to be released in New Years Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We are very excited in our house, loved the show, went to Sydney twice to see it, Melbourne once, and twice when it went to Auckland....anyone else as keen as us????:-(:}

Re: Phantom of The Opera
December 02, 2004 11:55PM
Yes were were saw it three times as well. I especially loved Rob Guest playing the Phantom. Does your daughter know who is playing in the movie.
Re: Phantom of The Opera
December 03, 2004 02:39AM
Gerard Butler (Who??) is playing The Phantom, and Emmy Rossum (who again??) is playing Christine. The only name I recognise,is Minnie Driver who is playing Caroltta.I'm sure it will be wonderful though!!
The official website is
We also were lucky enough to have Rob Guest playing the lead roll every time we saw it.
We also went to see Michael Crawford when he came to ChCh, and in his show he had one of the Ladies who had played Christine opposite him in the show. They sung several songs from Phantom....and as you can imagine, the hairs stood up
on the back of our necks!! It was just wonderful!!!

Re: Phantom of The Opera
December 03, 2004 04:47AM
I saw it in Auckland in 1996 with Rob Guest as the Phantom - I cried when it began I was so happy!
Re: Phantom of The Opera
December 03, 2004 09:32AM
Hi, I am a fan along with two friends. I will watch for the ads and perhaps trrat myself. I have the tape in the car and C.D. in the house.
Kayof the P
Re: Phantom of The Opera
December 05, 2004 11:40AM
Check out and do a search and you will find info on the new movie. It looks like there have been a number of POTO films made with the first being in 1925! This is a great site for movie reviews although sometimes I don't agree with them.

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