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Dye ? recolouring fabric / towels

Posted by beetle 
Dye ? recolouring fabric / towels
December 03, 2004 01:45AM
Ok work has a whole heap of non reusuable white towels for guest use, so i was wanting to recolour them. marked beyond soaking fix.
suitable for pool towels or the worst ones for cleaning.

but have no idea what, where and hows of doing this?

any recomendations?
or ideas ?

any help???????

grinning smiley

im not really clued up on this one, so need major help...LOL

thanxs all

beetlewinking smiley
Re: Dye ? recolouring fabric / towels
December 03, 2004 02:22AM
In the past I have dyed towels and sheets in the washing machine (and although the WM book says you shouldn't I did find any ill effects on it, apart from the rubber parts being slightly yellow (the colour I was using). I used dylon, which came in a plastic "bottle" about the size of a 12 oz can. I just put it in as I would detergent, but wet the towels first. Don't even know if you can still buy the dye product, so hope this is helpful. Janet
Re: Dye ? recolouring fabric / towels
December 03, 2004 02:34AM
Beetle, here's just the thing:

Re: Dye ? recolouring fabric / towels
December 03, 2004 03:03AM
The only experience I have had with sort of thing was, dying 2 old cotton candlewick bedspreads. I did them in the washing machine, and the results were good, quite expensive dyes to buy. Sadly they have again faded and I should really redo them.
Re: Dye ? recolouring fabric / towels
December 04, 2004 10:19AM
Thanxs for the help i printed out the instructions.
and then had a go!

Well i now have some blue towels. and some blue bathmats, and a few spots on a yellow shirt!!!!!!! LOL
but they look fine, next time may not put so many in and agitate more, but found that they come out a nice blue, and nearly match some of our other work ones.

will have another go with the rest of the swag i have......beginners luck ? or stampeding not watching for accidents????:-o
probably a bit of neglect too, as we were so busy today.....

and because i didnt actually use recomended weights and dosage as they are for the pool and cleaning i wasnt too bothered on exact colours and measurements.
just as long as they no longer white to get mixed up with the good whites......if you get my meaning.

so i did it my way....LOL

Re: Dye ? recolouring fabric / towels
December 04, 2004 10:35AM
Well done Beetle - what a lovely positive outcome for you - especially after "that day" - which is now history.

You sound much happier - must've had a good nights sleep - and all the other hints we gave you.

Keep smiling - and thinking of that break soon.


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