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One of those days

Posted by Bev 
One of those days
December 03, 2004 05:50AM
Ever had one of those days when you know you should have stayed in bed!!

Between 2 appointments at ChCH Hospital today I thought I would make some truffles, I have been making them for years and I have never had a problem, well today's mixture curdled and taste YUK!!
Next onto some Panforte using a well used recipe, it crumbled and fell to bits!!
I then decided to tackle a huge pile of ironing, well I just got started on that and my iron caught fire!!
At least that is the 3 things but just in case I do not think I will do anything else today except maybe sit with a cold drink and flick through some magazines, that should be harmless enough:/
Re: One of those days
December 03, 2004 06:05AM
Arrgghhh Bev,
But i did have a giggle at the iron. don't worry they should be illegle anyway. When mum was alive anything of dads that neeed ironing just vanished off the face of the earth.:}
Unfortunately we all have those days. Thank goodness its friday Bev.
Make sure you put your feet up to a good cd and a nice glass of something over the weekend.
Kind Regards
Re: One of those days
December 03, 2004 06:11AM
I agree ironing should be illegal. Ironing is probably my most disliked household chore. I am sure it is a sign from above that I should not be doing the ironing. If only Ross's shirts and trousers were wrinkle free :}:}
Raewyn G
Re: One of those days
December 03, 2004 07:10AM
You never know Bev, you might get a new one for Christmas!!!!!!
Well, I got a new frypan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Start anew tomorrow, and just chill out tonight!
Best Wishes,
Re: One of those days
December 03, 2004 09:16AM
Do be careful with the magazine and the drink.... when things are going like this, you are quite likely to end up knocking the drink over, more than lkely over something really nice too, so be CAREFUL now. Actually Bev, I think you ahd better just end the day and go to bed quickly!!
Hope tomorrow is better.
Kaye.winking smiley
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