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Posted by Nina 
December 03, 2004 09:49PM
My doctor thinks I have gallstones. I have had about 8 bad attacks in two months - soooo painful.
Eventually I will get my gallbladder removed (provided the ultrasound shows gallstones) and in the meantime I am on a strict lowfat diet. It's a big change for me as I have always been a very healthy person, and I just feel yuck sad smiley all the time.

Anyone else had this problem, and if so did you do anything special that I might try? I'd really appreciate it.smiling smiley
Re: Gallstones
December 03, 2004 10:27PM
Hi Nina,
My Mum was diagnosed with this about 3 years ago and is just very careful what she eats as far as fatty and creamy foods go. Her Doctor has given her tablets (flaveril retard I think they are called) and she takes one if she feels an attack comming on which doesn't seem to be very often 'cos of her watching what she eats. They start to work for her in about 10 mins.
Good luck with managing this problem.

Raewyn G
Re: Gallstones
December 03, 2004 10:29PM
There could be just one or two food items that trigger an attack. I have reoccuring inflamed gallbladder and its awful. No gallstones for me, thankfully. Anything rich gives me the guts ache! Especially cream, butter, too much chocolate!!!! and alcohol (Bugger!) So I have to watch my intake and be careful to have moderate amounts.
A friend had her gallbladder removed just recently, with laproscopic surgery. Was only in hospital overnight, and recovered brilliantly and in such a short time. Her only complaint was being on the never ending waiting list .........lucky for her there was a cancellation and she could drop everything and go at very short notice.
All the best
Re: Gallstones
December 04, 2004 07:15AM
I know a few people who have your problem, and some who have had their gallbladder removed. Unfortunately, this can cause new problems. One person became allergic to quite a number of foods. If I were you, I would search for internet information on the condition so you are aware of all the factors. Some helpful sites are:




Best wishes.
Re: Gallstones
December 04, 2004 08:53AM
I too have had this and I know how you are feeling. One time my attack was so bad I couldn't breath and got taken into hospital by ambulancesad smiley

I had my gallbladder out, into the hospital at 8am home again before 8pm.
I had the laproscopic surgery - three little cuts into my tum. I did have to go back into hospital again after this as one stone got stuck and they had to put a tube down my throat and get it out of the duct that way. I was in hospital for one night after this.

That was nearly seven years ago now and I have only ever had not more than 5 attacks - they felt like someone pushing down on my chest but didn't last more than a few minutes. And I haven't ever had to be careful with what I eat.

All the best to you

Re: Gallstones
December 04, 2004 08:07PM
I, too, had my gallbladder removed after a couple of very nasty and painful attacks. Prior to my op, I couldn't drink white wine, but red seemed to be OK. Since my op, I can drink a little of any alcohol but chicken skin makes me uncomfortable (I love crispy chicken skin). I'm just careful that I don't eat too much of anything rich - a little of anything seems to be OK, so I don't have to miss out altogether. The biggest change for me was that I went off coffee after being a staunch drinker. It didn't have any bad effect on me, I found I just didn't want it any more. Even to this day, I'll drink just the occasional cup, but certainly not on a daily basis.

Re: Gallstones
December 04, 2004 08:56PM
I had my gall bladder removed more years ago than I care to count ?:-( Sufficient to say I was only 25!!!

No laparoscopy in those days - just the good old cut and stitch. At the same time I was diagnosed with gallstones it was found I also had severe hiatus hernia so surgery for both was carried out at the same time. It was a big op in those days - almost 3 weeks in hospital - but they did a good job, though I didn't appreciate it at the time - I can eat anything ever since with the exception of tomato skin and capsicum skin which give me indigestion but those things are easily avoidable.

I guess I am trying to say that if it could be successful way back then it surely should be safer and less traumatic now!! And from reading this thread it appears that there are less invasive ways now of treating these conditions without surgery.

I salute medical progresssmiling smiley
Re: Gallstones
December 04, 2004 09:36PM
I haven't had gallstones, but another procedure done laproscopically. I felt amazing afterwards, until about 12hrs later. It was the ansthestic which had a reaction with my body, resulting in hot and cold sweats, and nausea and vomitting. Not a pleasant side effect, but the actual laproscopy side of things was fine. I've since found out that their are a few different ansthetic drugs, so its one my file to use a different one, if ever there is another need for me to have something similar done. A friend of my sister, was telling me their is yet another drug they can give you to conteract any side effects. Personally, I'm a bit dubious about having more drugs than absolutely necessary, but she swears by it, after having been down both paths.

A little while after getting home I was lying on the couch, and the cat decided my stomach was a nice place to curl up and sleep on. I just about jumped through the roof as that area was still tender.

Good luck with whatever happens.

Re: Gallstones
December 05, 2004 11:27AM
Rosemary Conley's 'Hip & Thigh' diet of a few years ago came about after she had a chronic session of gallstones - she avoided surgery with a low fat diet, lost weight and wrote the book. The library will have a copy, it may have some helpful info.

Like you, I react violently to anesthetic. The nausea and vomitting have been worse than the surgery. The last opp I had, the Doctor gave me anti-nausea drugs that are normally given to chemo patients and I was mainly fine.

Re: Gallstones
December 07, 2004 04:08AM
Thanks ladies! smiling smiley
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