Aniseed spirit
December 05, 2004 02:54AM
Does anyone know of the "spirit" that is used for the drink "Black Jelly
bean"....... I think !! it may be something like "Aniset" ????


Raewyn G
Re: Aniseed spirit
December 05, 2004 03:24AM
Pernod, pronounced Perno is an aniseed spirit. There might be a black variety of that now, but I am only familiar with the clear spirit.
Sorry if this useless to you query.
Raewyn G
Re: Aniseed spirit
December 05, 2004 04:26AM

30ml ouzo
15ml blue curacao
15ml grenadine

pour ouzo, blue curacao and grenadine into service glass filled with ice. top with lemonade.

Sambuca is an italian liqueur with a soft aniseed flavour. It comes in clear and black. White Sambuca can be drunk with a coffee bean in the bottom.

Re: Aniseed spirit
December 05, 2004 11:10AM
The French drink 'Pastis' is aniseed flavour - usually mixed with water. Sorry I don't know any brand names.

Re: Aniseed spirit
December 10, 2004 11:56AM
Thank you everyone

Have found what I was looking for....."Anisette"

It is a substitute for Ouzo I think !!
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