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Pressure cooker instructions

Posted by CR 
Pressure cooker instructions
December 08, 2004 01:30AM
I have been gifted a newish pressure cooker. There are no instructions.
I can't find anything to identify it apart from 'Prestige' Made in England on the pot and 591 imprinted on the base. Does anyone have instructions they would share please?
Re: Pressure cooker instructions
December 08, 2004 06:16AM
I have an old Prestige Cooker but has the number 573 stamped on the bottom. Not sure if its the same as yours. All you do is put the cover and close the handles together sliding the top one until it is directly over the bottom one. Turn heat to high and wait till a steady flow of steam escapes through the centre vent. (this means that all the air has been expelled and that the cooker is now filled with steam. Still leaving the heat on high put the valve weight on and when there is a loud hissing sound immediately lower the heat.
Re: Pressure cooker instructions
December 11, 2004 01:24AM
I also acquired a pressure cooker without instructions and found the following website helpful - <[];

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