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Xenical, has anyone used it ?

Posted by jenny 
Xenical, has anyone used it ?
December 08, 2004 07:31AM
Has anyone taken Xenical? How did you find it, and did you lose weight?
Hubby has been prescribed it, but has no intention of changing his eating and drinking habits which have led to significant weight gain.
He seems to think all he has to do is take this drug and hey presto he'll be back in shape forever.
Any comments would be appreciated.
Re: Xenical, has anyone used it ?
December 08, 2004 10:18AM
Mayhap, pray tell, he watched "Fat Man Running" on TV last night?

If not, alack alas, one hopes he read Jane Clifton's review of the programme in the Dominion Post today, with her scathing remarks about men who know NOTHING about food-v-body yet think they know everything.

Woe betide if he has done neither.

If you live in Auckland, make sure his Christmas present is an appointment with Jenni Pearce.
Re: Xenical, has anyone used it ?
December 09, 2004 05:03AM
When I was very overweight and deperate for a quick fix I asked my doctor to prescribe it. He refused and then told me some horror stories about people soiling themselves in office meetings etc. etc.
He told me that all the people that he had prescribed it for had put the weight plus some after they had stopped taking it.
I then went home and got into the walking and eating healthy meals and have been losing at a slow steady rate(sometimes really slow but at least not still gaining!). The thought of losing bowel control at the age of 35 scared the you Know what out of me!

Re: Xenical, has anyone used it ?
December 09, 2004 05:06AM
I was offered by my doctor a choice of Xenical or reductil to lose weight. One thing with Xenical is that you can't eat much fat or else you will spend your life on the toilet!! The doctor said that you would be too scared to eat fat after an episode like that! On the package one of the side effects is Anal leakage - I kid you not! The way that Xenical works is by restricting the amount of fat that is absorbed into the system. In order for it to work sucessfully is by going on a low fat diet. After learning all about that, I decided that I would try the reductil, which works on the chemicals in your brain which curbs your appetite. A bit like how the diet pills were in the old days with out the "speed" ingredient (ephedrine ...spell??) I found these pills amazing as I didn't think about food at all - It took away the obsession with food, and had no problems passing up on any yummy treats placed under my nose.

Anyway Jenny, I will be interested to see how your husband gets on, and if he finds that it doesn't work for him, then I would get him to ask his doctor to put him on reductil, which I think is about the same price. Otherwise If he doesn't change his eating habits while on them, I would stock up on the toilet paper!!
Re: Xenical, has anyone used it ?
December 09, 2004 07:04AM
Hi Jenny,
The only good way to lose weight is by ndoing exastly what Alaine does walking and healthy meals, take from someone who knows. make this a family thing and all get fit at the same time as hubby is losing weight.
Summer? is here so it should be easy to get into a routine and watch the weight drop gradually but steadily and feel fitter.
Good LucK kay
Re: Xenical, has anyone used it ?
December 26, 2004 10:01PM
I have been taking Xenical for about five months. Even after the intial side effects such as those described, it didn't put me off. Its something you get used to. just make sure you stock up on panty liners, and don't hold back if you need to go to the toilet, or else you will have a messy incident ocurring... I think the reason I have managed to keep it up for so long is because i am currently single, thus not having to worry what my partner would say if he saw a messy toilet or underwear...

After the first couple of months though I managed to have the 'anal leakage' all under control and thats what you can do too!

And the results are amazing. I have lost everything i wanted to lose and more, and now i am my ideal weight, I carry on taking it for fear i will put it all back on, which WILL happen.

Good luck!
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