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soda stream flavouring

Posted by ann 
soda stream flavouring
December 09, 2004 03:13AM
the new world where I shop say when they order soda stream flavouring
they are told they've been deleted where are other people getting their flavouring from.
Ann S

Re: soda stream flavouring
December 09, 2004 03:41AM
New World, Whitianga, but the number of flavours is limited to the very basics: cola, lemonade, orange, ginger ale. No Creaming Soda or any of the lovely flavours on the Soda Stream website.

Re: soda stream flavouring
December 09, 2004 11:32AM
New World,Alexandra, but like Lorna very limited flavours. The cheaper products don't seem to have the same strength. Haven't tried the Bin Inn. It's hard to believe Soda Stream are deleting the syrups. MERRY XMAS.
Re: soda stream flavouring
December 09, 2004 11:13PM
Going back a few years now, my grouch with our local NW and soda stream flvours, related to them all having artificial sweeteners, or at least the ones they stocked. In the end my kids decided they liked my homemade lemon cordial used with the soda stream machine. I bought some Roses Lime and bitters, and comboned with my lemon, and some experimentation, found you can make quite a good, lemon, lime and bitters. At least you know what is in your drink that way.
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