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Paper magnet

Posted by CR 
Paper magnet
December 10, 2004 12:00AM
Do any of you suffer from this ailment? I am a paper magnet - somehow, no matter how hard I try not to, I end up with masses of paper, pamphlets, articles, stuff written about other stuff... I always seem to be having a clean out - and masses of paper goes to the recycling, but while I'm sleeping, it creeps back in. I don't have advertising material through the letterbox, although at this time of the year the delivery people ignore my sign, but there it all is, piled on my desk, beside the computer, beside the bed...always things waiting to be read, and never enough time to read it all. Sometimes I scoop it all up and go off to a cafe, and have a read-a-thon, which I really enjoy. But today I'm feeling overwhelmed by the sheer volume of it all, so what better than to have a yabba about it on this site?:/
Re: Paper magnet
December 10, 2004 02:11AM
I have tried to adopt a policy of only handling paper once.... in other words don't drop it somewhere to think about or look at later, unless it is really necessary. As soon as I sort the mail etc if it is junk I biff it out, if it should be filed, file it, or at least sort it into piles for filing later. ( I have a Bills to pay folder, a folder for anything paid/ receipts etc needing no further action other than to be filed etc, and a filing cabinet for things of interest/importance to keep, also keep folders for invoices that need later referencing to accounts, ie farmlands dockets, petrol dockets etc) I still get bits and pieces that accumulate, needing another closer look, but find that making a decision about what to do with something the first time you sight it, cuts down on the rehandling, and sifting through piles again and again. It sounds a bit confusing and tedious, but once you have the folders set up, ( I use some tough plastic ones, labelled and different coloured, so I can even instruct other family members to put it in the yellow/blue/purple folder on the top of the filing cabinet and so on) it is actually very easy to do.
Does this help or confuse you CR?
My complaint is that the paper war is such an ongoing one, if I miss a day or two of sorting the mail it seems to take ages to wade through.
Regards Kaye.
Re: Paper magnet
December 10, 2004 11:46AM
I know exactly what you mean CR, I am sitting here surrounded by lists,(shopping, jobs to do, internet sites to look at), recipes scribbled down quickly off the screen, (I dont do a permanent copy until I've made it and decide I want to keep it), unopened mail, the list goes on. At least most of it can be recycled one way or another. smiling smiley Lyn.

Re: Paper magnet
December 10, 2004 08:57PM
My office at work was like that. I've recently taken on board, Kaye's idea. It does work, and actually is quicker, as you're not double handling bits of pieces.

Sounds like you need to develop some sort of filing system.

At home we have a plastic basket in the study which has school newsletters, sports notices, junk mail which I may investigate, sales etc and anything which may need to be referred to again. We use internet banking and as soon as a bill arrives, I load it for payment and file it into a manilla folder in the big plastic box thing, like a mini filing cabinet. In this box we have a manilla folder each for, Bank statments (ours), Bank statements x 2, (for each of the kids), Insurance, Tax (which has a snap lock bag in it for receipts to claim for the next return), Receipts and Guarantees, (for any new purchases), Personal, (which is birth certificates, passports, work references etc), Monique (our daughter and has all her school reports, medical stuff etc), Nick (our son - set up as Monique).

Each week, (usually the day before rubbish day), I go through the basket and cull out any newsletters, etc which are no longer relevant.

At the end of each year I take out bills and bank statements files and store them in the garage. Then I get some more folders and we start again for these, but I keep the other stuff running.

This has worked well for us.

I think the big thing is to get some sort of system and also be ruthless. Sometimes I keep fliers for shops thinking I'll check them out, but never quite get there. So after a week, usually throw it out in the recycling.

In our laundry cupboard I have a plastic shopping bag which we put all the paper into, then just tie it up on rubbish day, and its amazing how much paper accumulates, for the recycling truck. Used to have a very convenient sized box, until hubby threw that out with the recycling one day.

Good luck with it all.

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