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Why do you watch the news....

Posted by karen 
Why do you watch the news....
December 14, 2004 06:56AM
I was just wondering why do people watch the news? Is it because of who reads it, or just for the information factor and format. Why I was wondering this is that myself watch it for what it is, the news, and as long as it was read out well would not mind who did the job. The mind boggles as to why you have to pay someone such an exorbedent (sp) amount of money for this job I know there is alot of work behind the scenes but $800,000 is a bit rich!
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 14, 2004 08:32AM
I watch TV1 out of habit, but tonight after hearing someone gets paid that amount watched TV3. I didnt watch TV1 because I liked the presenter, the TV always seemed to be on that channel. I know my husband will follow Paul Holmes to Prime as he likes him so there may be people watching TV in different rooms here.
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 14, 2004 08:45AM
Sometimes I wonder if the importance of the presenter is an urban myth created by the media themselves.
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 14, 2004 09:57AM
Thats $15,384.61 a week and approx. $3,000.00 per night!!!


Pretty obsene alright considering people less fortunate than ourselves... thank goodness she at least sponsors starving kids in Africa - she could problably afford to sponsor the whole of Africa!! winking smiley and plus the Government can't overturn her salary now. Too late.

Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 14, 2004 10:10AM
We switched from One to 3 when the fiasco with Richard Lowe happened around 1998/99 and never regretted the change. Judy Bailey's salary is totally obscene. How could you. I mean all those kids who will have next to nothing for Christmas ...
I don't mind rich people. Love looking at rich people's boat's houses so it's not a jealousy thing. I just can't help saying it... it IS obscene.
I watch the news for the news but it has to be well presented though it doesn't matter what the person presenting it looks like.
CNN, SKYNews and BBCWorld are far superior to TV1. TV3 is also superior to Channel One news.
I don't watch much NZ TV other than doco's and Coronation Street but when I do TV1 has always appealed to me for actual progamming ~ preference for English programmes as opposed to "what I call" American crap. Though my partner does enjoy the latter ?:-( :-)))
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 14, 2004 10:48AM
Holy cow.....I am still in shock $3,000.00 per night. CRAZY:-o
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 14, 2004 11:11AM
Actually she will get more than &3,000 a night. She has been only working 3 nights. I turned over to ch 3 also. I can't believe that someone is that greedy while us mere mortals get by on a pittance. Judy gets in two weeks what the average nzer gets in a year. My heart cries for her.sad smileysad smileysad smiley:}:}
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 14, 2004 07:38PM
But Jude how many starving kids, she could probably feed a village and not miss the money.
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 14, 2004 08:35PM
Well, I guess you can't blame Judy - would you turn a big pay increase down. Not human nature to say no (the odd person might do it but not many!).

But I totally agree - I'm sure that there is more to her job than "just" reading the news, but still $800,000 is totally ridiculous.
I'd be most embarrassed to have NZ knowing that I earnt that much for reading the news.

Think of all the people in NZ struggling to make ends meet. And announcing it at Christmas time too. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer........

I also think that the Government should look at income splitting for tax purposes for families but that's a whole other issue.............

We did watch TV1 news but lately have decided to give it a miss as we seem to have too much to get done and not enough hours in the day!
And I don't miss it really - I was getting frustrated with all of the grim news (such as news from Iraq, road stats, more child deaths etc) - only made me feel depressed!

Cheers, Wilm
Unfortunately there is a huge disparity in what people earn and there are people out there on huge salaries that we wouldn't neccessarily agree with.

I don't have a problem with Judy's salary - if she is that good and in that much demand then good on her.
I would compare it to how much different film/television stars get per series because of their audience pulling power.
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 14, 2004 09:52PM
WE have watched TV3 news for many years.We always found TV1 very stuffy,TV3 presenters seem to have more life in them!!
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 15, 2004 03:23AM
Nice work if you can get. Judy's a lucky girl. Wish someone would double my pay (yeah right). Why shoot her down in flames (tall poppy syndrome) just because she has hit the jackpot - after all these years I say "well done" and "well deserved". If I were offered the same opportunity would I say "gee, but no thanks". I DON"T THINK SO smiling smiley

P.S. Ma, shame on you smiling smiley I don't think she is greedy - she is far more trustworthy than any politician smiling smiley
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 15, 2004 04:49AM
I don't think she was offered that amount. In fact I believe she demanded it. That puts another slant on it entirely. So Ang my girl I am not ashamed. I guess you will get to me on Friday again.:/:/:/
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 15, 2004 05:54AM
I heard Paul Holmes on the radio this morning who claims that she deserves every cent, as apparently it tough working for TVNZ. But isn't his salary even bigger. ?:-(

My husband suggested it may be cos they got rid of the second TV1 presenter so she is getting paid for two peoples jobs. I didn't think so, but who knows.

News is news, and often I've been watching the 5.30 news on Prime while getting dinner organised, so we can have some family dinner time at 6pm. That has Suzy Aitken.

Often I use the internet or radio for news, so does that mean TV news presenters may become a thing of the past, in years to come. ?:-( I like to have the news when it suits us, depending on what else is happening.

When you compare it to the amount Jennifer Anniston gets per episode of Friends or Sarah Jessica Parker for sex in the city it puts it in better perspective.
People who act or newsread are talented and if they get the audience for the station/company then it is fair that they are paid accordingly.
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 15, 2004 07:41AM
I think one of the main issues with the salaries of TV1 presenters is that they're taxpayer funded.
Lynette - PNG
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 15, 2004 09:00AM
And it doesn't take a whole heap of talent to read a cue screen. I've done it for a Red Cross function that was televised live - it was a cinch! But I didn't get paid $3,000 for doing it!
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 15, 2004 09:30AM
Perhaps what people are objecting to is the comparisons with other "professions" - and what they do for their salaries - which in most cases considerably less(salaries that is)

At the risk of supporting my own medical profession for example - how could you compare reading the news with years of study and making potentially life changing decisions all day long.

You have all seen I am sure the long hours of shift work and interrupted sleep of House Surgeons and Registrars.

While Judy may make the occassional mistake - it is not exactly going to be life threatening is it?

When I think of the years of constant negotiations us nurses have had to put up with - and compare what I do in an hour at my work with what newsreaders do - there is no comparison. The comparable hourly rate isn't even worth working out...................

It all boils down to money these days - as sad as it may be - but as Jennifer pointed out - it is you and me who are funding them - on our salaries.

Interesting topic tho - kind of throws the Xmas spirit out the window - temporarily. I was pretty miffed when I initially heard about it - but moved on - too may other things to do at this time of the year.

Good luck to her - we all know money isn't really what makes us happy - and she sure can't take it with her....................
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 15, 2004 09:01PM
Raewyn - I second every single thing you said in your post - and why should you not defend your profession?? It is a noble one - along with all other health professionals, fire service personnel , the police, life savers and all who make life-and-death decisions daily in their occupations - sometimes their own life and death as well as that of others! I believe the most salient point you made was that should a Newsreader make an error the repercussions are so minimal as to be non-existent!!

Even my own profession (I was a Probation Officer for 11 years) carried the stress of dealing with some of this country's most hardened criminals - and we have all seen the result of mistakes made by Corrections staff - not monitoring offenders thoroughly - the result of which can be the horror of the Panmure RSA killings and other murders, rapes and children molested. Not always because the Probation Officer is completely incompetent - but as with other professions the job is severely underpaid, underfunded by Government and enormously understaffed!!!

Judy Bailey is, in my opinion, the most professional frontperson we have, but as for being worth the money she is paid - NEVER EVER- not when our essential services have to beg for every crumb!!!

My thoughts smiling smiley

Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 16, 2004 01:31AM
As a fellow nurse I agree with your comments wholeheartedly.
I find it a bit on the nose when I spend thousands of dollars getting a degree and am then paid a pittance to do my job - less than a lot of people with less training that's for sure. I left NZ for Canada 2yrs ago in an attempt to make a better living and to not have to struggle financially. It's sad, because I get homesick, but I don't see myself being able to come back for good unless things change. And the powers that be wonder why lots of nurses leave the country or the profession! Anyhow, that's my rant for the day.
As for Judy Bailey, good luck to her if she feels her work is worth that money. If I could walk in her shoes for a day I might agree with her. It's a similar situation in my opinion to those fashion models who get paid all that cash to do their thing.
I realise that money dosen't make you happy but everyone wants to feel that their work is valued, and it helps if this is recognised financially as well.
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 16, 2004 03:21AM
What I was concerned to read in the news on the TVNZ website is that other employees at TVNZ received a 1.7% pay increase - and they're all fuming.....they have warned TVNZ to expect trouble when their next pay round is due.
Re: Why do you watch the news....
December 16, 2004 03:31AM
I wonder how the rest of the news team that Judy Bailey is a part of feel about her huge increase in pay? It takes more than one person to put together an hour of news , Judy Bailey doesn't do it all by herself!
I don't pay the salaries of "tv stars and movie stars" who earn mega $$$$$ so have no right to complain about them, but Judy Bailey's salary is funded by the Taxpayer - that's YOU and ME! She is an excellent reader of the news - $800,000.00 worth? ABSOLUTELY NOT. As so rightly pointed out by Raewyn and others, there are people out there doing life changing/saving work for a very modest salary and they have had to fight very very hard to get that. We are so lucky to have them.

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