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Email Woes

Posted by Rachel 
Email Woes
December 16, 2004 04:41AM
Does anyone else on this board have a email address? We have been customers of fencepost since the day they started (5 - 6 years?) and really liked our short, simple email address. On Tuesday night my email server refused to connect, however the web was still working. On Wednesday afternoon I phoned the server to sort out the problem, but they didn't know why it wouldn't work. In frustration I phoned fencepost who informed me that they no longer provide email service & I have to change my address!!! I was disgusted with them and told the poor person on the phone as much. You think it wouldn't have been too much trouble to let their customers know that the email service was to be cancelled so that we didn't miss any emails - we run a business & I spent all afternoon making sure we hadn't missed anythink important, not to mention changing my Yahoo groups and contacting banks etc. Sorry to vent, but I am a very unhappy customer! Rachel.:-o:-o
Re: Email Woes
December 16, 2004 04:42AM
Whoops! I did mean anything, not anythink!
Re: Email Woes
December 16, 2004 05:40AM
That is pretty disgusting. I am with Freenet (14.75 +gst) and on the odd occasion the net works and email doesn't but that would be about 5 times in almost as many years.
I think what fencepost did was TOTALLY wrong. Almost illegal surely? ihug is expensive isn't it?
Re: Email Woes
December 16, 2004 10:27AM
We don't use Fencepost for our email address, but we are co suppliers, and we have had several reminders from them about the email addresses no longer being available, so somehow or other, you must have missed out on them, a bit strange....maybe only some of us got them.
Re: Email Woes
December 17, 2004 03:47AM
We also were notified by fencepost that they were doing away with their emails
Ann S
Re: Email Woes
December 17, 2004 08:59AM
Thanks Ann & Kaye, I feel better knowing they at least tried to notify people.:/
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