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All I want for Christmas...

Posted by sue 
All I want for Christmas...
December 19, 2004 02:35AM
just out of interest ... what do you hope Father Christmas will put under your Christmas tree this year??? I am hoping for some nice perfume.
Raewyn G
Re: All I want for Christmas...
December 19, 2004 03:30AM
A day off:} Just kidding!!! Knickers, and some nice but casual clothes i think. i had my make up stolen out of the car a year ago but Doanld bought me a huge box of makeup for my birthday at the beginning of December so those are the only things i need.

Kind Regards
Oh and we will have all five kids partners, and then 6 grand kids home so I won't even dream of peace and quiet!:}
Re: All I want for Christmas...
December 19, 2004 08:39AM
Some NICE weather - preferably a few days in a row................

Perhaps that is asking too much

I have never known such a poor Dec.
Re: All I want for Christmas...
December 19, 2004 11:56AM
I know you can't please everyone everytime......... I've been moaning and groaning...... how long till winter :} I cannot cope with heat, today (Sunday) was 32°C at 5pm. I've spent most of the day lying on the bed spread eagled so no part of my body touched another. As much as I LOVE FOOD its too hot to eat, so I've been on a liquid dinner

Re: All I want for Christmas...
December 19, 2004 12:05PM
As much as I feel for you Sharon - I don't think there would be many kiwis who would wouldn't envy you at the moment.

I know 32 is a bit too hot - but my goodness - anything would be better than what most of us have been having lately.

My son got caught in a torrential hail storm this PM passing thru Auckland. His girlfriend from Los Angeles had never seen hail before and insisted on getting out of the van they are road tripping in and playing in it.

Young love..............

This whole year she has only had 11 days of rain - she arrived in NZ last Sat and it has rained EVERYWHERE they have been.

Hope you get some relief soon Sharon - imagine being on a liquid diet for Xmas..............
Re: All I want for Christmas...
December 20, 2004 09:17AM
One of our dogs is a re-home, he came to us with a bad reputation and a vicious streak, and was going to be shot. Well more than 2 years on he has proven himself to be quite a gentleman, with impecable manners, and a gorgeous nature. He's a soppy Rough coat collie, by the way, aka Lassie!

About 5 weeks ago Ricky ruptured his cruciet ligament, which involved major surgery and a long, slow, and painful recovery period. This included 6 weeks of confinment with time out for 'pit-stops' only, on leash and back into his cage! Everything we could do to try to aid his recovery, we did, but for some reason he just refused to use his leg, even though the vet said the surgery had gone well and there was nothing obvious showing as to why he wouldn't walk on 'that' leg.

A couple of weeks ago, after doing a few internet searches, we found out about the Canine Hydrotherapy pool in Auckland, and after a few sessions of pool work, he is a new dog. I wouldn't have believed it, but that afternoon he was walking on his 24 carat gold leg. We have a long way to go yet, complete recovery can take 12 months or longer, even in humans. And his walk is not the prettiest, but he's doing it!!!

I'm sorry if this seems self indulgent to some, but these guys mean a lot to me, and Ricky deserved a second chance, he is now back to his smiley, happy self, so I've had the best Christmas present of all, anything else is a bonus!
Raewyn G
Re: All I want for Christmas...
December 20, 2004 01:04PM
Jen, doesn't the saying go..........A dog is a man's best friend.
Well this dog is so fortunate to have such a patient, caring and loving owner........and I'm sure if he could tell you he would say.........
You make the world a better place Jen, well done!!!!!smiling smiley
Re: All I want for Christmas...
December 20, 2004 07:54PM
Re: All I want for Christmas...
December 20, 2004 09:40PM

We are always hearing of so much cruelty to animals, so it was wonderful to read about the love and care you have shown your dog.
They are such wonderful friends, and give unconditional love.
How wonderful that the hydrotherapy pool has helped so much. Hope he continues to improve.
I'm sure you will both have a very happy Christmas.
Best wishes, Heather

Re: All I want for Christmas...
December 21, 2004 03:22AM
Raewyn.....that would be lovely wouldnt it but with 3 excited little ones in this house I guess quiet for me is out of the question tongue sticking out smiley
A dreamy day for me would be packing the kids and hubby off to parents for christmas lunch for the day while I stay home with a gourmet platter of food, nice bottle of bubbly, chick flick and treat myself to a nice foot spa and dreams are free hey!
Anyway Im not sure what I want for Christmas this year. I've been hinting at some Issey Miyake perfume on the way through Duty Free so heres hoping or I'll end up having to buy it
Re: All I want for Christmas...
December 21, 2004 11:34AM
Hi. Have been married for 34 years and have yet to receive a pressie from hubby still waiting.??
Most of all I would like a day with out having to get up at six oclock to start preparing lunch as my family insist on the roast lamb and plum duff prepared by you know who and then having to do dinner, okay it is just a light meal but again guess who prepares it with her owm fair hands.
Told both my daughters-in-law tonight that this oldie is going on strike next year and that they can do the honours while i sit back a watch,
My Hubby's birthfday is today and I always have the family to dinner but they seem to clear off very early so doing another large meal a few days later is exhausting with working also.
Thank goodness for the dishwasher.
My elder daughter-in-law always seems to land e with extra for the eening meal without any notice. this year her daughter is coming home from Christchurch and she dosen't know whethter or not she (daughter) will be coming.
My younger daughter-in-law always asks well in advance if a freind of theirs can come as his family are in the south Island and he is usuall y working on=ver the break and can't get home
Maybe one day!!!!!!!!!!!Maybe one day they will get the hint and cook a dinner for my birthday that would be some pressie.
Merry Christmas to all
Re: All I want for Christmas...
December 22, 2004 05:07AM
My mother-in-law saying that she is not coming for Christmas after all.
Re: All I want for Christmas...
December 22, 2004 06:05AM
Hi all,

Well its my daughters first xmas and my sons third.
I am looking forward to them opening their gifts.

For myself and to be totally selfish, A coupon for a hair cut, another to get my nails done and then for hubby and me to go to the movies since we havent been since June 2001.

But most of all, I want to have a great day with no disapointments and for everyone to be happy and if i get a gift at all I will love it as someone has thought of me....

Merry Christmas everyone

Re: All I want for Christmas...
December 22, 2004 06:26AM
kay that is SO sad. can't imagine it!!
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