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Posted by Marion 
December 22, 2004 02:36AM
In the new year I have decided to have a try at a gymnasium. Never been to one in my life and at 56 thought it was time I did- I am starting to sag in all the wrong places. I do not want to go to one that is trendy and full of the 'beautiful people' but one where I can feel comfortable :}:}:} and able to wear shirts down to the floor - you know what I mean. I live on the North Shore, in East Coast Bays, so would appreciate any feedback you could give. I rang the Millenium Institute and a full yearly membership there is $999.00. Nearly fell over, I know it has the pool and all the bells and whistles but that was way too pricey for me. Merry Christmas everyone and all the best for 2005. Marion
December 22, 2004 03:27AM
Hi Marion - good on you for making the decision and its never too late. I was 47 when I started last year. I don't know what Les Mills is like up in Auckland, but I go to the Hamilton one. I was petrified at first and expected young lovelies in the latest gear with all their make up on etc etc etc - but there are all ages / shapes / sizes / fitness levels.
I go weekdays at 5:30 am and one woman amazes me - she is there on the dot at 5:30am and her hair is immaculate and make up is perfect. She would easily be in her late 50s. And I stumble in at 5:30 am, half asleep, hair every which way, no make up!! One morning was hopping in my car and realised I still had my slippers on - and another day I couldn't understand why everything was blurry as I was driving there - well..... I rubbed my eyes as I thought it was because I was sleepy - and I didn't have my glasses on !!! But go for it - even go along to various ones in your area and ask to have a look and a tour, and make sure you do so for the times you expect to attend, to give you an idea of who/what etc etc.
Regards and Merry Xmas - Irene (3 sleeps to go) smiling smiley
December 22, 2004 04:43AM
Good on you ,Marion.I live in New Plymouth so can't help you with a Gym.I just wanted you to know that at 58yrs old I started going to the Gym for the first time in my life 3 months ago & i feel GREAT!!!!
The saggy bits are starting to go & I have so much more energy.It is really worth it!!!
I certainly don't go to a fancy Gym either.

Good Luck!!!:}
December 22, 2004 05:31AM
My friend has just joined Contours here in New Plymouth. It is a womans only gym. I know they have them in other areas, have a look at

I went along for a look with her and I was impressed. I would have joined her but I know that me being me would give up after 5 minutes.

Good luck to you!!!
December 22, 2004 05:56AM
Good on you Marion. I was 49 and joined last year with my other half who was 56. 18 months on the saggy bits are now very toned and the weight loss is happening slowly but the muscles we have developed are very defined. I am impressing my 24 yr old daughter who has been a gym bunny for about 6 years. She is one of the long legged, slender people with all the right gear!!!! I actually beat her in an arm wrestle last month which annoyed her greatly but it was done in lightheartedness as I was turning 50 and said I could beat her. We belong to Body FX in Hamilton and Elysia belongs to Physiques in Botany. She checked out all the prices and found that the best for money in her area. Not too expensive as some tend to be. We have a joint membership as some gyms will give a discount if two of you join. Maybe you could convince someone to join with you.

Go Girl, its good for you.

Helen CB
December 22, 2004 06:00AM
What about the YMCA, or the Rec Center in Browns Bay they hold fitness classes, or ring a couple that are local and enquire if they hold classes for beginners.
December 22, 2004 09:05PM
Went to join a gym and they told me to wear loose fitting clothes. Well, hey, I haven't got any loose fitting clothes. Why do you think I want to go to the gym!!


December 23, 2004 03:45AM
I recently joined curves which I enjoyed very much, unfortunately I hurt my back & had to stop but will go back in a few weeks time as it is on the mend. It is a gentle type of one only takes 1/2 hour going round the circuit 3 times (their recommendation), cost $69. per month $99 to join & there are all types from young to my age (62 next month) & even older, all manner of clothing so try it, I live in Mairangi Bay & go to the one in Apollo Drive off Constellation Drive. Good luck you won't regret it, it was my first time ever in a gym too.
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