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P Party

Posted by Lynette - PNG 
P Party
December 22, 2004 03:28AM
On New Years Eve we're off to a P Party. Any inspirational ideas (other than a pirate, princess or policeman) would be great.

Need to bear in mind though, that resources are limited here in PNG - no costume hire facililties or shops so I will have to make the costume myself.
Re: P Party
December 22, 2004 03:34AM
Puppet (how you would do that I do not know) .. Pinnochio.... Peter Pan (I can just see Ian in green tights hahahhahahaha)..... mmmmm, get a national costume and go as a Papua New guinean - for that you will have to go topless!!!! If I think of more will email you ... oops another one a Priest :}
Re: P Party
December 22, 2004 03:44AM
Punks are fun, all that gel and hairspray, saftey pins through the nose etc. Prostitute, Po the red telly tubbie, as long as you can whip up or get your hands on a red balaclava and jumpsuit. Just have one to many drinks before you go and then when asked what you are say "PICKLED"!
Re: P Party
December 22, 2004 04:16AM
I will add more here as I think of them... The Pope !!! Captain Pugwash (all male things sorry), Postie
Re: P Party
December 22, 2004 04:42AM
Goodness Lynette - you had me worried for a minute - having a "P" party (hehehehehe) pleased to see its not the drug kind of "P" !!! could go as a "puddin' "
Re: P Party
December 22, 2004 05:22AM
Irene, how am I going to go as Pinnochio?!?!?!?!? My nose might be on the large side but it's not that big!!!!!!!:-o
Re: P Party
December 22, 2004 05:33AM
strap one on!!!!! I wasn't referring to your own nose :}
Re: P Party
December 22, 2004 05:40AM
My parents one year went to a P party as.....wait for it......
A Pest and Pest control guy!!!!!
Mum went in a big spiderweb Kaftan with plastic spiders all over it and Dad went in white overalls and a backpack sprayer. Needless to say he chased her around half the night. I think us kids were still laughing about it weeks later.
By the way..... "How 70's" :}

Raewyn G
Re: P Party
December 22, 2004 08:04AM
A friend recently went as a Pastry Cook.
Others that I can remember were Professor, Pint of Guiness, Mary Poppins, Pregnant, Plumber, physician.
Sorry too tired to recall any more.
Re: P Party
December 22, 2004 08:10AM
Painter would be easy peasy.
Re: P Party
December 22, 2004 08:17AM
What about a Pygmy - with a bone thru the nose, & cocoa powder liberally rubbed in all over; private eye; pensioner; pirate, with a realistic looking parrot tucked on your shoulder; popeye; penguin; person (if youré really stuck for ideas); Peter pan, Policeman; or what about others like these that I saw on a Google search:
Power Ranger, Pocahontas, Pamela Anderson, Pebbles, Prehistoric Woman, Punk, Patrick Rafter, (who ... am I telling my age here !!)Photographer, Posh Spice, Princess, Patsy (from Ab Fab), Poison Ivy, Protestor, The Pink Ladies, Playboy Bunnies, Priest, etc, etc

But have fun, we did something like this a number of years ago in our country community, & it was fantastic.
Re: P Party
December 22, 2004 10:53AM
The only other thing that I can think of, that hasn't been mentioned is "Prisioner", "pimp" or "pavlova" - you can choose either the dessert or the ballerina.

A while ago we went to a P party and there were some great ones. One couple who are usually very conservative went as a prostitute and a pimp. Was a great night and hope you too have a great time.

Re: P Party
December 22, 2004 11:57AM
What about a photographer!!!! Could be fun looking at the results too:-o Janet
Re: P Party
December 22, 2004 08:54PM
Some years ago I went to a 'P'party and there was a husband & wife who dressed up as a puppet & puppeteer. She wore a black & white Peirot outfit and tied strings from her hands and feet to a large crossbar which her husband carried. Very effective.

Also at the party: A young man dressed as a female pupil, complete with pigtails,very short gymslip, and black mesh tights. There was a potato made out of wire mesh & papier maché, with holes for the arms to wave out of and eye holes so he could see where he was going. A bit hot inside, though.

Re: P Party
December 23, 2004 05:41AM
I once went as the girl out of the exorcist (Possessed) and Andy my boyfriend at the time went as the Priest.....

I wore a nightie and painted my face green, lots of eyeliner and lipstick around the eyes (did fake sores with pva, tissue, lipstick etc.) teased my hair right up and after a few drinks did a good 360 with my neck......
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