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Posted by ann 
December 22, 2004 04:44AM
Have down loaded noadware but now can't stay connected to outlook express we have to access emails via xtra web site. Can someone help.
Also have norton protection but noadware has picked up far more adware on our computer than norton does and will also remove adware that norton would not remove
Ann S

Re: noadware
December 22, 2004 09:08PM
I wonder why so many have problems with Norton. I find it wonderful, stops all the ads, kills all the viruses, and I can even set it to keep my grandchildren safe with the parental control feature. Love it. Norton Internet Security, not just anti-virus.

Re: noadware
December 26, 2004 09:43PM

Re: noadware
December 26, 2004 10:17PM
Recently I have been having problems with Outlook Express also, the connection seems to fail, if there is a large email, never had this problem before. Also finding that when I sometimes send an email, a message comes up saying the email hasn't been sent and I should resend it from the Sent Box...all quite annoying but I haven't had time to try the Xtra helpline to slove the problem..... I think all this happened after upgrades from either Norton. Is this something like what you are experiencing? I have found the only way I can recieve a large email, is to get it from Xtra's mail site. Has anyone got any answers to the problems?
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