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Thank you Raewyn G; Claire and....

Posted by Renée 
Thank you Raewyn G; Claire and....
December 29, 2004 10:28PM
... our ISP - Maxnet.

Raewyn and I have not been able to access the site for days. Knowing that Raewyn's ISP is the same as mine I emailed her when I was getting frustrated and asked if she was experiencing the same problem.
She was - big time!! And with typical Raewyn vigour she swung into pro-active stance and first of all emailed Claire to ask for help - I merely backed her up with my own request for help. Claire kindly took time out in this very busy time to respond to both of us - and if you look in the "slow-loading" thread you will see her very helpful reply to me!
In the meantime Raewyn contacted the help desk at Maxnet by telephone - and received the same explanation about the problem as Claire had outlined. Maxnet undertook to try and sort it out and voila!!! We are back 'on air' this morning!!

So huge bouquets to everyone concerned - and a special mention to Richard of Maxnet - he has helped me out on other occasions and rose to the occasion magnificently for Raewyn this time!!

So if any of you are still experiencing slow moving connections take Claire's advice and contact your ISP as Raewyn did!!

Wish there were some 'flower' symbols on the smileys - so that I could actually demonstrate the bouquets grinning smiley

Re: Thank you Raewyn G; Claire and....
December 30, 2004 08:53PM

On your behalf:


Wonderful Lorna!!!! Thanks to you too!!

Mary tried to instruct me on how to get those illustrations from one website to this one but I must be thick as a brick because I failed miserablysad smiley :-o

Raewyn G
Re: Thank you Raewyn G; Claire and....
December 30, 2004 10:19PM
I just feel so blessed to have been supported through this by Renee, Claire and Richard. A true networking team!!!! Of course there was other people at Maxnet that did the clever stuff and got things working again, and both Renee and I are grateful to that person/s for their expertise!!!

I really felt that my life-line had been severed, but with several emails back and forth between Renee and I we survived this dreadful ordeal.

Both Renee and I have learnt a little more about each other through this experience.........and I hope I am right saying that a new friendship has been formed.........A thousand thank you's Renee!!!!!!

Kind Regards,
Raewyn Gsmiling smileywinking smiley

Glad it's all working again. Richard at Maxnet is lovely, I used to work with him (in fact, we trained together on the ihug helpdesk many years ago).

I think I can safely echo those sentiments Raewyn smiling smiley

Shall we tell them about that moment of blind panic when we suspected we had both been BANNED from the site????? Oops - I just did :/ :/ :}

Raewyn G
Re: Thank you Raewyn G; Claire and....
December 31, 2004 06:34AM
You call it blind panic Renee, I call it hysteria!!!!!! I was in a right royal lather, imagining all sorts!!!!! I was close to calling in the "White Coats"!!!!
But does one do that themselves............or do you need reporting by another person.........????????????:-(:-o
Oh, wont go there!!!!!!
So glad to be back!!!!!! and to be welcomed back
Thanks all
Raewyn Gsmiling smiley

Re: Thank you Raewyn G; Claire and....
December 31, 2004 07:46AM
Perish the thought, that you (we), could be banned from the site, Raewyn.... life would be so sad!!
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