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Adaware/Spybot etc

Posted by Irene 
Adaware/Spybot etc
December 30, 2004 11:04PM
Over the last week when I have run adaware there are some files/programs folders it will not delete, but they are spyware. Does someone have the link to download Spybot i think it is called???????
cheers, Irene
Re: Adaware/Spybot etc
December 30, 2004 11:21PM
A better one is Spy Sweeper. I have used Ad-aware and Spyboot and they are good but spy sweeper is even better but the free trial is only for 30 days. A very good site to go to is to find out about all of these.
Re: Adaware/Spybot etc
December 31, 2004 01:36AM
thank you so much Kathryn - even if I just use the 30 day free trial to get rid of the unriddable, that would be great. Cheers and Happy New Year
Re: Adaware/Spybot etc
December 31, 2004 04:12AM
Hi Irene.
Please make sure you download Spybot search and destroy.
NOT SPYBOT... REPEAT.... NOT SPYBOT......,as it contains a worm.
It really is confusing, and annoying that there are virus's contained in sites so similar in name.
regards Carol
Re: Adaware/Spybot etc
January 05, 2005 03:01AM
Carol, I downloaded SpySweeper in the end, and it got rid of a lot more then what Adaware did. It appears so good, I am tempted to subscribe after the 30day trial. I had 2 address bars - one just 'appeared' and I could never remove it, and that has finally gone, no pop up boxes. So thanks for everyone's help. Cheers, Irene
Re: Adaware/Spybot etc
January 05, 2005 03:12AM
Hi there,

Go to com.

I got my spyware off there plus they have loads of others to try out.

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