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Scorched Almonds

Posted by Linda 
Scorched Almonds
December 31, 2004 07:20AM
I put some out, when my sister came to visit.

Our 9yr old decided to ask me, why weren't they hot, it they're scorched?? I told her to ask her father, when he came home.

Then my 4yr old niece asked for a chocolate. I told her she could have a scorched almond, but be careful as there is a nut inside, which she would have to bite. She also has a 20mth old sister, who of course wanted one too and heard what I was saying.

Then a few moments later, both my neices spat out their almond and gave my sister "the pips". The 4yr old very indigently told me chocolates shouldn't have pips and they're yuk.

All my sister and I could do was have a good laugh about it.

Oh well, all the more for me.

grinning smiley

Raewyn G
Re: Scorched Almonds
December 31, 2004 08:01AM
My partners 4 yr old grandson, who is the joy of my life, won't eat grapes, although he just adores fruit of any kind. I asked him why he won't eat them and his reply "Cos they got nuts in them Nana Waewyn and I don't like nuts.......!!!!!!!!" So now I have to take the blinken nuts out of the grapes!!!!! The things we do.
A couple of years ago, the same little man, found his grandads Scorched Almonds, which un beknown to us he had sucked all the chocolate off and spat the nuts out. I wondered what was clinking up the vacum cleaner from behind Grandads Lazyboy chair. Took us a little bit of working out. Consequently the Almonds were put away, up high. I was horrified as he could have choaked, while he was sneeking a treat!
I must record these things for the future.........and before I loose my MARBLES!!!!!!!! and go NUTS myself!!!
Re: Scorched Almonds
December 31, 2004 10:40PM
This thread makes me think of a story a friend told me once, of some children visiting an eldery lady, ( or maybe this should be woman!) and how she used to give the kids almonds to eat.... later they realised they had been scorched almonds she had already sucked the chocolate off..... horror of horrors..... wonder if either of those 'kids' like scorched almonds now??? Pretty disgusting isn't it?
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