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New Years Resolutions??????

Posted by Raewyn G 
Raewyn G
New Years Resolutions??????
December 31, 2004 06:43PM
I thought I would share my NY Resolution with you.

I hope to make 2005 more organised for myself, and to try and bring joy to others even in some little way throughout the year.

Would love to hear yours?

Raewyn G
Re: New Years Resolutions??????
December 31, 2004 10:34PM
Ok, the one I make every year... to try and exercise a little every day, and at more seriously at least 3 times a week, and to eat less. Tricky for a foodlover......

To keep at my study and take it at a pace I can handle.

And a new one for this year, to try and let go of a couple of things that have been eating me this past year. Some tips might be necessary here.... what have others done, to get over 'hurt and anger' caused by people you thought were friends? I seem to find this difficult to do, and have finally realised that somehow you have to, or it just poisons your whole outlook. For starters I plan to schedule in some time out this year, for my husband and I to go tramping, or whatever, I am feeling that perhaps a change of scene might help. It is hard though when you know you should spend time with others, but don't want to, because you don't feel like you are capable of being good company, because you feel so, 'sad, mad and then bad' because of what you have had inflicted on you.
Sorry, for the tone, I promise I am trying to be optimistic, hints anyone!! Others must have had these trials too, how have you dealt with the fallout?sad smileywinking smiley
Re: New Years Resolutions??????
January 01, 2005 12:01AM

You bring me joy everytime I walk thru your kitchen door - so you don't need to try with me
Re: New Years Resolutions??????
January 01, 2005 12:19AM
I'm still debating on mine grinning smiley

Maybe its to keep my side of the bed free of dozens of cooking magazines perhaps I might decide to walk a bit faster than my walking partner and I have been doing so far... its been a social walk, stopping and chatting along the way.. maybe I'll keep the biscuit tins full this year instead of giving son money to buy "a treat" at the canteen.

The next trick will be to see how long my NY resolution actually lasts :}

Whatever I decide
Happy New Year to everyone, may 2005 bring you joy and happiness to you and your family.

Re: New Years Resolutions??????
January 01, 2005 02:27AM
I dont make them then I dont break them, perhaps learning how to say NO would be a help
Re: New Years Resolutions??????
January 01, 2005 04:52AM
Kaye, I feel for you, and understand what you are going through.
I told myself that if I allowed the feelings of betrayal etc to remain then I was no better than them and there was no way I would stoop to their level!
Anyone who can do things like that is not even worthy of thought, let alone consideration, there are far more important things in life than giving time and thought to these people.
Each day is a new one, and the memories dimmer. Go for it!!! smiling smiley

Re: New Years Resolutions??????
January 01, 2005 05:09AM
Thanks Lyn and Raewyn for your comments. I guess the old saying about time healing is true... maybe what I need is patience!!
My resolution is to take some time out to smell the rosessmiling smiley. I get so stressed and on edge with working full time, exercising, keeping the freezer and baking tins stocked and just generally always rushing everywhere ... so it's time to chill out and relax. :p
Lyn ( P. Nth)
Re: New Years Resolutions??????
January 04, 2005 08:11AM
lol...I am with Lesley. Dont make any so that I dont disappoint myself or anyone else.grinning smiley
A suggestion for Kaye, try Bach Flowers. I too understand how it can be hard not to become ' bitter' and unapproachable when you have been hurt. ( My words, my experience) Bach flowers treat conditions of the mind...pysche, but not a physical symptom. Things like impatience, depression, worry, anguish, anger etc. I have Rescue Remedy in my bag at all times for anyone who may need it. And, I have to admit, I find myself rescuing ME when I get stressed out! Bride season coming up so I will invest in a few bottles.
The dog got some on Guy Fawkes night and New Years Eve, he was much calmer than he would have been without. He also has Manuka honey smeared on a boil like thing he has had on his back for a few weeks. The vets antibiotics did not help, the honey is magic. Nearly gone, and he does not even try to lick it off. He knows it is helping, amazing. And Nature sure is too!

This should have been a new thread I guess, :/, this rant of mine!

Lyn (P. Nth)

Re: New Years Resolutions??????
January 04, 2005 08:29AM
Thanks Kyn, will look into that.
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