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Telecom Troubles

Posted by Linda 
Telecom Troubles
January 01, 2005 12:50AM
I work one day per week, doing the accounts and admin for a man who is a property developer.

Anyway, one of his developments is a boarding house with 38 rooms. He has a live-in manager there who looks after the rents, etc. But all the accounts come to me, including the Telecom bill.

Well last month, after having jetstream installed the bill was $6500.00. I was on the phone to Telecom for 35mins before being told, that since the account wasn't in my name, and I wasn't "an authorised person" they were unable to help me. So I had to get my boss to ring, who was on hold for an eternity and was told it had been sorted. Just to top it off, we pay by Direct Debit, and they still deducted the huge incorrect amount from our account. So I faxed Telecom and our bank (with my boss's signature), to cancel the direct debit.

This month we got a bill for $5800, so $800 less, but obviously its still not fixed, and it says they will direct debit our account. I was on the phone to Telecom for 20minutes before I hung up. Then I rang again, but was on hold for another 25mins, and still couldn't get to speak to anybody.

Plus, I'm expecting that even if I do get through, they'll say I'm not "an authorised person".

Does anybody know how to "become an authorised person", so I can hopefully get this matter sorted. The person I spoke to, told me she would have to transfer me to somebody else, and of course she cut me off.


We are on the Jetsream Explorer package which should be $49.95 per month. Hey, I guess they have to make their HUGE profits somehow, so perhaps overcharging by a few thousand few month, will achieve this.

Sorry this is turning into a novel, but hopefully somebody may be able to point me in the right direction.


Re: Telecom Troubles
January 01, 2005 01:29AM
Our phone bill has always been in my husbands name & likewise, when we moved to this house several years ago I wasnt able to access account information - in the end, my husband phoned - & was put on hold for ages - but he provided the authorisation for me to access our account. Very PC & stuffy - but most companies, power, health care etc are like this now, & its darned frustrating. All the best though Linda
Lyn :/
Re: Telecom Troubles
January 01, 2005 02:18AM
Yep, Linda and Lyn, have had the same hassle with Telecom. They were quite happy to accept payment from me, for the phone a/c but wouldn't discuss anything to do with it, with me. All I had to do was get my husband to phone them and give authorisation for me to discuss his account. It could have been any Tom, Dick or Harry I dragged to the phone.
Good luck with your dealings Linda, you'll need it!!
Re: Telecom Troubles
January 01, 2005 05:04AM
Yup, just get your boss to talk to them and most importantly to authorise you to deal with any matters arise in the account.
Good luck.
Raewyn G
Re: Telecom Troubles
January 01, 2005 08:57AM
I hope your boss also buys you a bottle of something strong, cos it sounds like Telecom are driving you to it Lynda.
Raewyn G
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