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Posted by Lyn 
January 01, 2005 05:03AM
I am getting cramp in increasing frequency but, instead of being in my legs and feet as it usually is, it is in my fingers and forearms. My fingers just "snap" to a 90° angle to my hand and then it spreads up into my arm. It happens mostly when holding something but can also appear out of the blue.
Any ideas on what I may be lacking, or other ideas to "control" it? ?:-(

Re: Cramp
January 01, 2005 05:07AM
Lyn, What is your age group, please. Not being can be significant in a diagnosis.
Re: Cramp
January 01, 2005 05:14AM
Lyn I was getting cramp when biking, someone suggested that this might be due to a deficency in I think Magnesium (? memory not so great here), but anyway suggested a general purpose multi vitamin/mineral supplement might be enough, and it seems to work for me.
Re: Cramp
January 01, 2005 05:23AM
I used to get cramps when I was pregnant. Often it would be at night, while asleep in bed, but sometimes it was just at anytime.
Midwife suggested a large drink of water, which did help. Don't know if it was something in the water or what, but I would go to bed with a large glass of water for that purpose. Had to drink it really fast and have lots of it, so a sipper bottle wasn't the best.

Have very rarely had cramp since having the kids.

Re: Cramp
January 01, 2005 06:16AM
I think cramp is like migraine - until you've experienced it you don't know just how painful it can be sad smiley

I am in the older age group and get bouts of it (the inner thigh is torture) if I forget to take my Magnesium tablets regularly (there is a special formula just for cramp in the health shops - cramp bark formula it is called).

However - when you get caught in it's grip you need immediate relief - and I read a hint in a magazine years ago which works for me - a tiny amount of common salt on the tip of the tongue, held for a moment and then washed down with a glass of water gets rid of mine in about 5 minutes. I loathe salt so it's a real bummer - but it works - for me, anyway grinning smiley

Re: Cramp
January 01, 2005 06:21AM
Lynne, I'm heading toward 60. I make sure I have a good varied diet, therefore including potassium, magnesium etc, but am beginning to wonder if it could be a side effect of medication which I've been on for several years. Stopping the medication is not an option.
I try to drink plenty of water daily, keep sipper bottles in the fridge, and always have one beside me when sitting down.
I have never taken suppliments of any kind but may have to consider it.
Thankyou for your input ladies, and I would welcome any more ideas.

Re: Cramp
January 01, 2005 06:37AM
I have suffered from cramp since childhood (40 years now). Always in my feet and calf muscles. It usually occurs in bed, and always when I kneel down. I have heard about, and read about, numerous remedies but none have worked for me.
I discounted the "lack of salt" theory as I have always piled it on everything I eat. Taking more would be like taking coals to Newcastle !!!
I have never consulted a doctor but am thinking it's high time I did.
I would recommend that course of action to you, Lyn, as in all my years I have never heard of anyone experiencing it in their upper limbs.
It is awfully painful though ...I do sympathise.
Raewyn G
Re: Cramp
January 01, 2005 09:06AM
I too suffer cramp, and sometimes it is unbearable. At one time I was put on Quinine by the Doctor. Precaution though to keep out of sunlight. No problem this year a?
The salt works for me now, or hobbling to stand on the cold ceramic tiles also helps.
It's desperate stuff especially in the middle of the night.
Get it checked out with your Doctor though, before you try any suggested remedy.
All the best
Raewyn G
Re: Cramp
January 01, 2005 10:04AM
The occasional cramp in legs and feet I can cope with. I also get it across my back ribcage but can stretch to combat that. It's the sudden spasm in my hands and arms that is more difficult to cope with. I also wondered for a while if it was the prolonged use of a certain mouse which was causing it but as I get it in both limbs it can't be that. (phew, that's a relief! :})
I am right handed and it is more frequent in that one. Not due back to Dr for another 6 weeks so might have to schedule an appt. Thanks ladies. smiling smiley

Re: Cramp
January 01, 2005 12:12PM
Quinine used to be used for cramp years ago. I think Drs. are a bit cautious about using it now.
I agree, a magnesium supplement is often very helpful. Standing on cold ceramic tiles as Raewyn said, helps, if it is in the legs or feet, Not sure just what you could use for fingers and arms - some ice or cold packs, maybe.
Cramps can also be one of the symptoms of hypothyroidism, but you would probably have other symptoms as well.
Some very old remedies that I can remember my mother and grandmother said worked were - a block of camphor in the bed at night, or a cork in the bed at night. Can't understand how they would work, - but they were common remedies years ago!
If you think the medication you are on could possibly be the cause, try doing a google search for side effects of the drug, and/or search for cramps...and the name of the drug you are taking.
Hope you can get some help soon.

Re: Cramp
January 01, 2005 12:23PM
My doctor prescribed quinine recently as I have started having night cramps in my calves. He says it is harmless and it certainly works.
Re: Cramp
January 01, 2005 01:10PM
Quinine certainly can help with cramps. My father was prescribed it many years ago, but then the Drs. were not allowed to continue prescribing it. I didn't realize it was permitted to prescribe again.
It is or was mainly used for treating and or preventing maleria.
However, it is not really harmless, and can have a number of side effects and drug interactions. Apparently some of the side effects will subside as the body adjusts to the medication.
It is not uncommon to develop a magnesium deficiency with age, and I know a number of people who use a magnesium supplement for cramps and restless leg syndrome with excellent results.
I guess it is best to start off with the simple things first, and if they don't work, continue with other remedies.

Re: Cramp
January 01, 2005 10:51PM
Lyn - I see that you are on medication that is essential - so am I and have to be very careful that anything else I take (including herbal remedies) does not interfere or interact with my prescribed medication. Hence the tiny pinch of salt which works!! If you are taking cholesterol-lowering medication one of the side effects of some of them is muscular cramps.

Isn't it funny how we differ?? Raewyn G finds cold things help - I find the reverse - sometimes get a hot water bottle but when the dreaded inner-thigh cramp strikes I have been known to get into a hot shower whatever time of night (or early morning :/ )
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