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some pleasant home stay experiences

Posted by Lynne 
some pleasant home stay experiences
January 01, 2005 05:04AM
With 14 yrs of home stays behind us, I would love to pass on some lighter experiences other than the bathing habits.
In a bit of a rush just now, but will post as I can.
Just for starters, a lovely Japanese lass who was usually a jolly sort, came running out to me in the Kitchen in tears. I mean, really sobbing. [ I was thinking........oh my stars........she's pregnant or suchlike]
She said, "I weighted myself and I'm 5 KG's Fat ! My jeans so tight I tear them."
More later.
Oh Lynne, is this what happens when you stay with a Foodlover???winking smiley
Thats lovely to hear.

I hope I haven't put people off having homestays. Generally we've had positive experiences, but this latest one has been very trying. We've only been having homestays for 3yrs now, so hoping that we're now learning from our experiences.

Having students from different cultures is a wonderful experience. Sure you may get the odd one that is trying. One Japanese boy sniffed continuously at the table. Put me right of food till end the end couldn't stand it any longer and told him he must not sniff at the table as it was not polite.
We had 2 Brazilian girls stay. Wow they were great, whilst here one had her birthday so we invited all the classmates around home for a surprise party for her. What a great night we had of music, laughing and food. We still hear from all our students so we must do something right.
However Linda I really would steer away from Koreans. Whilst I am certainly not racist and do love Koreans I feel there home life is so different from ours.
The worst "k" we had was a lad of 23 who was so disgusting in his eating habits that it put the whole family off their meal. After 2 weeks of asking, telling, pleading, he had to go. He just would not change his ways. Oh so revolting.
I meant to add that it came to a head when the family would dish their dinner from the serving bowls, then disappear to other parts of the house and left me with Mr Gutz to try to swallow my meal. We don't have to put up with this sort of thing. We go out of our way to drive the kids around and do everything we can to make their Kiwi stay enjoyable.
I have been involved in homestays in 5-6 years now. Not so much that I am racist but I won't have girls staying. With a husband and a son that both want to be out the front door by 7.45am... any girl (and I've had 5

) spend from 7am onwards in the bathroom and no amount of knocking on the door will hurry them up.

We had one Korean boy stay with us for 15 months. He was 16 and like all 16yo's... he tried us. Would ring and say not home for dinner... then ring at 10pm and say not coming home. If he wouldn't/couldn't supply us with details of address/phone number..... not mobile! he got told tough luck be home within 1/2 hour... he soon learnt.
On the other hand, we had a Korean female that I was nearly ready to press assault charges against.... she was a right witch spelt with a B!!

We've also had a 33yo Thai male for 12 months... he only left because he went home and married his girlfriend of 10 years.... silly boy. They are now the proud parents of a year old son

We have at present an 18yo Indonesian lad, that I've been worried about since Dec 26, but he rung today to say his plane wasn't due to arrive until 9.25am Jan 3... so now I'm a happy chappy... he's safe, so I shall look forward to his arrival tomorrow and finding out how he spent "our" christmas holidays.

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