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Which cell phone shall I buy?

Posted by CR 
Which cell phone shall I buy?
January 01, 2005 12:42PM
I'm being dragged kicking and screaming into cell phone ownership - to ensure a degree of security while travelling alone in my car at night and for longer journeys. I do not want it for anything other than calling out and don't want any bells and whistles. Any suggestions as to model and brand for a basic, but reliable cellphone?smiling smiley
Re: Which cell phone shall I buy?
January 01, 2005 08:17PM
This subject was discussed in depth round about the end of November. Do a search for cell phones and opinions are there.

Re: Which cell phone shall I buy?
January 02, 2005 08:22AM
Nokia 1100 appears to be a good basic phone. It's the one I am contemplating buying sometime.

Go to: [] and have a look.
Re: Which cell phone shall I buy?
January 02, 2005 09:19PM
Two words should dictate your decision, Vodaphone, and Nokia.

I should also mention that Siemens also make some quite good phones (also on Vodaphone Network).


Re: Which cell phone shall I buy?
January 02, 2005 10:23PM
Nokia was the favourite of the previous thread which I agree with after having various models, definitley Vodafone if you are an overseas traveller. I have a Siemens at present but find the screen hard to read. Prepaid if it is just for travelling in the car etc. Vodafone were very kind at Christmas and I got $40 for my $20 when they offered a double top up, it was very handy to text my daughter who spent Christmas in Paris and now travelling around Bath, Stonehenge etc.
Re: Which cell phone shall I buy?
January 02, 2005 10:33PM
We bought a Nokia 1100 about 6 weeks ago and we are well satisfied with it - because we can understand how to use it reasonably well - now :/ and we only wanted something basic.

However - a word of warning - although there are booklets of instructions and information and on-line stuff, if you are starting from scratch like we were with NO knowledge of cellphones, all the printed material seems to begin with an assumption that you already know how to use one and some of the basic things (like storing numbers) talk about adding new contacts etc but gaily don't tell you how to do it in the first instance.

My youngest son came over and taught me and he too was surprised at the lack of in-depth explanations for newbies!!

I'm cool with it now - and have learned to text - something that I thought I would never master - like many things, once you know how it's a breeze!!

Re: Which cell phone shall I buy?
January 03, 2005 07:23AM
Hi there,

Oh yes, i have been thorugh amy ceelphones but I now own a Nokia 1100.
it is a basic phone that also comes with a flashlight:-o.

Since I live in the Waikato I look intot hings with Vodafone is to where oyu will be with most of your travelling? Will you be driving long distance?
Because I know Vodafone's reception is getting better but doesnt cover all places.
Look into that option.

PLUS Telecom have that $10 text deal going till end of the year. Thats if you may text anyone plus you get better reception with Telecom.

We have both in this house so I am not biased in any way.

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