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it can only get better..... can't it?

Posted by Lyn 
it can only get better..... can't it?
January 02, 2005 12:02PM
Welcome to 2005 but if anyone knows how to rewind to 2004 so I can start the new year again, please tell!
I lost internet access early New Year's eve until some time after 9.30am next day so was unable to send the usual greetings on time, or access this site.
Today, while driving over to Marlborough to collect my grandsons I began to slow when I saw a small dog on the road some way ahead, and promptly got rear-ended at high speed when the vehicle travelling behind me veered off and the following one was obviously travelling too fast and too close. sad smileysad smileysad smiley
While my car is a write-off, I am truely grateful that my little ones weren't with me at that time and that neither my friend nor I got any serious injuries. I am also thankful that I was still travelling at a reasonable speed or the impact would have been much greater.
In between I have been dealing with a family crisis!
So, if any one has the magic formula to re-start the year, let's have it!

Dear Lyn,
Thank you for being the responsible driver that you are. I am so sorry to hear of your awful experience, and hope you will recover form the shock and injury soon. No magic formula, but lots of compassion is coming your way from me. And here was I feeling grumpy because I don't have enough energy to do what needs doing around here! Shame on me. Healing hugs to you.
Re: it can only get better..... can't it?
January 03, 2005 01:14AM
Oh you poor thing and with the 'grandies' in the car and all. Good on you for not panicking. Hope the rest of the year goes without any more disasters.
Have just re-read my original post, which I should checked more carefully before posting last night. It should have read, the dog was on THE SIDE OF the road, sorry for any misunderstanding.
Nellie, I hadn't actually picked my boys up at that stage which I am thankful for. That's one experience they don't need.
Quite a few more bruises etc appearing today but it could have been so much worse, I'm still mobile and I still have my sense of humour. smiling smiley Lyn.

Oh dear Lyn - it must be the moon as on Thursday night, Ian and I were leaving a party and Ian backed into a concrete wall (only slight damage to the back of the car) and then on Friday, he took the other car to work and backed into the gate at work!! This time took out the bumper, tail lights etc. He asked that I drive for the rest of the weekend!:-o

Mind you, I felt quite smug as he continually gives me a hard time about my driving and about how the fuel consumption is that much lower when he drives the vehicle ... guess who's been very quiet about my driving these last couple of days!!!:p
Raewyn G
Re: it can only get better..... can't it?
January 03, 2005 07:56AM
Lynette, you better tell Ian to put a bit more water with it!!!!!! A Wall, A gate...............look out trees on PNG!!!!!!
Hahaha - I'll tell him that!

I'm still shocked he did it to both cars on consecutive days! And we can only get one panelbeated at a time which is an inconvenience!
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