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Posted by Linda 
January 04, 2005 11:52PM
Not a pleasant topic I know. But our 7yr old son had a small wart on the foot, right under his middle toe, which I'd been taking him to the Drs to get liquid nitrogen treatment. It disappeared, but then after about 6wks or so, he ended up with not one, but two more and just this morning I noticed a very suspicious looking lump, which may be yet another one. The original wart is now bigger and quite protruded which he says makes it uncomfortable to wear shoes.

He hates the liquid nitrogen and the Dr did tell me cos they're a virus, sometimes you need to try different treatments, if they re-appear.

Anybody got any wart treatment remedies?


Re: Warts
January 05, 2005 12:22AM
Undoubtedly, as odd as this sounds. banana skin, inside wrapped around warts really works. Problem in your situation is the site of the warts. Don't know how you could do that on the under-foot.
But to others........this was told to me by a Chinese Dr many many years ago and it really works. I and family members have had warts on knees, or suchlike and a banana skin attached with a bandage for a few days and the warts just fall off. There's info on the net too.
Re: Warts
January 05, 2005 01:09AM
these are called 'verrucas'. i had them about 15 years ago. the saying is they come from bathroom floors and swimming pool changing rooms. I had mine cut out under a local and havent had them back since. Another alternative I had b4 the surgery was to paint them with pedoflin(sp) paint which is a very long drawn out mucky process. To help stop them recurring u need to have your own bathmat and new shoes.
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