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Jeans Zipper

Posted by Cath 
Jeans Zipper
November 05, 2004 11:15PM

I have been given a pair of jeans - which are in great condition apart from the zipper. It slides down when you bend over and won't stay up. Is there anything I can try before I take it into a shop to replace it????

Raewyn G
Re: Jeans Zipper
November 06, 2004 01:22AM
Probably not. Replacement would be your best option. Its not an easy job and even though I sew, I wouldn't be bothered to do that job myself. Probably end up loosing my temper and doing a haka on them!!!!!!

Re: Jeans Zipper
November 06, 2004 02:31AM
Ok thanks for the Raewyn. :}
Re: Jeans Zipper
November 06, 2004 04:33AM
Raewyn is right, it is not an easy job, very frustrating... I'd pay someone else to do it, unless you are a really keen sewer. A friend of mine had an ingenious solution, albeit temporary.... she put a piece of string thru the hole in the zipper tap, then tied it in a loop. did the zip up, then hooked that over the button, or top fastener, before doing it up. Can't say I have tried it, but I think apart from an emergency fix up, it would probably be a bit of a nuisance, to do up....
Re: Jeans Zipper
November 06, 2004 06:39AM
I agree, even though I sew almost every day I would not do a zip replacement in jeans. Far easier to pay someone else to dfo it:}
Re: Jeans Zipper
November 06, 2004 11:14PM
Pull zip up, put safety pin underneath. My Temp solution has been in use for 2 years !!
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